Jamai Raja 6th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Misha stabbing Shiv with scissor to stop him from exposing her. Sid and Roshni are coming towards there, but Nani stops Sid and Roshni from going to Misha’s room. She tells Sid that he is neither a good Jamai nor a good husband. Sid feels miserable. Roshni tells Sid that only he can comfort and support Misha. Misha stabs Shiv with scissor. Sid asks Misha needs me, but what about Roshni. If she don’t needs me. He touches her. They go to room and see Misha holding scissor with blood all over her hand, but didn’t see Shiv as Misha hide him. Sid asks Roshni to get first aid. Misha sees Shiv’s hand coming out from table, and stops Roshni. Roshni and Sid couldn’t see Shiv. Sid assures her that the ointment will not burn her hand and applies on it. Misha asks Sid to tell Roshni to leave. Roshni asks Sid to come, as engagement mahurat is ending. Misha says let’s get engaged.

Sid and Misha come to the hall. Misha holds him and says my best friend will be now my fiance. We will get engaged today. Roshni asks for ring. Kesar says he kept it in DD’s room. Everyone looks on sadly. Roshni goes to bring ring. Mona and Sam come there. Sam says this is just unfair and asks DD to stop Sid from getting engaged to Misha. DD says she is not wrong, and Roshni has made us strangers in one go. Roshni comes there to get ring. Yash says Roshni……..Roshni gets ring and is about to leave. DD asks where are you taking ring. Roshni says for engagement. DD says she is getting her to be husband’s engaged to someone else. She says Sid can’t do this, if you don’t support her. She asks her not to become sacrifice devi, and says she is feeling sad. She asks her to stop this engagement atleast for her happiness. Roshni cries. DD says she cares for others and don’t care about her mum. She says whatever you want to do, we will support you. She asks her to talk. Roshni cries.

Roshni tells mahurat is ending, so she has to leave. She says Papa will understand her, and asks her to understand. Once Roshni leaves. DD tells your Papa will not come, just like your Sid betrayed you, he also betrayed me. Misha scolds the goons and asks them to dump Shiv’s body somewhere. Roshni brings the ring. Misha also comes after sending injured Shiv with the goons. Sid looks at Roshni emotionally. Roshni gives him ring. Everyone looks on helplessly. Tujhe Bin Suna Sa Mann plays……Mere Rubara……Sid holds her hand while taking the ring……….They have an eye lock and emotional turmoil goes in their hearts. Misha tries to divert his attention and sees him looking at Roshni. She gets hyper and pushes Roshni asking her to move. Everyone is shocked at Misha’s mad attitude.

Sid holds Roshni’s hand and tells her that he will always love her, and their love will not end with his engagement. DD happens to see Shiv drowned in the swimming pool and shouts shockingly. Shiv and others tries to wake him up.

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