Jamai Raja 3rd July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with DD asking Sid to leave from her house. Roshni says he will leave after his engagement. DD says you both are doing worst mistake of your life and will repent if when you realize it. Sid cries. Roshini tries to console him. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays……………..DD breaks the things in her room and tells why they got betrayal husbands. Kesar asks where is Shiv? DD shows him message and tells Nani that Sid and Shiv have betrayed them. She hugs Nani and cries. Nani asks her not to get sad. Shiv enters the party and hides his face to protect himself from goons’ sight. The goon talks to Misha and she asks him to kill Shiv. Shiv hears them and thinks to protect himself.

Roshni comes to Misha. Misha pushes her and asks her to go. Roshni says Sid sent me here as today is your engagement. Roshni says you want to look good for Sid, so he wants me to dress you up. Misha eyes her angrily and twists her hand badly. Stupid Roshni bears silently and makes her wear bangles. Misha looks at her with hatredness and thinks she will make her get jealous when Sid romances with her right infront of Roshni. Misha continues to hurt Roshni and twist, pierced her nails in her hand. Misha writes Sid weds Misha with her lipstick on the mirror. She asks Roshni, how is it looking. Roshni says it is looking good and tells you are very lucky to have Sid. Misha says Sid will become my husband. Roshni cries. Misha asks her to make her wear something. Roshni says she will come back in 2 mins and goes. Misha smiles evilly.

Shiv is going towards Roshni’s room. The goons indisguise of waiters see him going and follow him. Sid is sad and thinks about Roshni’s words to sacrifice their love for Misha’s happiness. Mere Rubara Tu Hi Tu…………….plays………….Roshni is in her room holding her bridal dupatta and recalls DD giving her asking to wear for her engagement. She cries miserably thinking about Sid’s words. She thinks about DD’s words that Sid will not have any relation with her house and especially with Roshni.

Shiv comes to Sid’s room and just then Sid goes to washroom. Sid comes out of that room and goes to Misha’s room. He thinks Roshni is sitting with bridal dupatta. He tells your life is in danger and tells that Misha is a maniac and the rape drama is fake. He says I can’t let anything wrong happen to my daughter and holds her hand saying he will expose Misha infront of everyone. Misha sings a song and pushes him. Shiv says I will tell everyone about your reality. Misha holds Knife in her hand and stabs him with it. She tries to put knife in his mouth.

Misha injures Shiv. Roshni and Sid come there and see Misha holding knife and injuring Shiv. Misha is shocked.

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