Satrangi Sasural 30th June 2015 Written Episode

Priyanka confess that she was driving the car that day, it shocked the family, the lawyer accuse both aaru n priyanka now, as aaru has hidden the fact n its a crime, judge announce custody forboth but at last moment vibha aarives with vihaan, she request judge tolether say what she wants.

Vibha confess that they dnt hit her, she purposefully jump in front of their car to commit suicide n it was her hubby n step mother who provoke her to commit suicide as they are having affair, judge listen to all facts n free aaru n priyanka from all charges n orders to arrest rani n vibha’s hubby.

Kasturi slap rani n scolds her for spoiling the image of mother/step mother, their vibha’s hubby again attack her in court, police handles him n takes him away.

Dadi ask vibha to come with them as she needs care, she denies but they insist, allleaves, aaru n vihu left, they hug n aaru shares her heart that she was scared but vihu says that now everything is fine.

Next day, every1 is happy, they were happily talking, next scene, mini is in yoga class of her friend, other students starts gossiping about them, mini hear it n dnt like it.

Precap: Priyanka gives resignation letter to dadi

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