Hello Pratibha 10th July 2015 Written Episode

Mahen comes to Pratibha’s parent’s home but it was locked. He calls her to tell her he isn’t here, he will ask the doctors if he came here or not. Pratibha was worried. Sunidhi whispers with Kaashi that Mahen will only be angry with her now, because he left because of her. Mahen comes home and tells he couldn’t find Papa. Sushma begins to cry. Mahen asks what such happened that he had to leave home, Pratibha was reluctant. Kaashi says it is good he came here, she calls Sunidhi. Sanjeev says if she is going to tell him about the breakfast matter she must leave it. Kaashi says Sunidhi is in a condition that needs a lot of care and whatever her mother brought was for her; it was her papa who finished all the laddu of Sunidhi and when she said a word to him he left home. Pratibha cries and tells Mahen Kaashi thinks papa finished Sunidhi’s laddu. Kaashi still blames papa when Peehu and Anmol come and confess they took the laddu to school and it wasn’t nano’s mistake. Mahen is angry at Kaashi and asks why she overreacts in all matters, they won’t be able to stay peacefully as a family. He asks what is something happens to papa, Anmol watches Papa come home and cheers. Pratibha hugs her papa while Sushma is happy to see him. Papa comes to Sunidhi and says he searched the whole city and brought her the sweet that her mother brought for her. He doesn’t want to make any trouble for her child to be born. Pratibha cries. Papa brings about the box of sweet and gives it to Sunidhi. Sunidhi says it wasn’t needed, they were all worried not finding him home. Papa says he has worked for 35 years and never bribed a single rupee, when he was blamed to steal he thought himself as an ill natured person which he isn’t. He won’t ever steal at his daughter’s house. Kaashi says he must have let go of such a small issue but he leaves inside.
In the room, kids insists on nano not to leave home ever. He says should he take their permission before going out of the room as well. He tells the kids he brought sweet (chamcham) for them and opens the box. He asks Peehu to share a piece with him as well, and was about to put it in his mouth when Pratibha knocks at his back. He stops right away, Pratibha takes the sweet from his hand. She asks his promise never to leave home without informing anyone. He says he won’t and hugs Pratibha.
The next morning, Pratibha brings breakfast for papa and wakes him up. He doesn’t get up, Pratibha is worried and calls Mahen. The doctor tells them that Papa had a minor heart stroke, he has already informed them to keep him away from tensions as his heart is already weak. He writes some tests which Mahen asks Sanjeev to bring. Sanjeev promises to manage the money. Sunidhi is curt.
Kaashi comes out saying they never spent money on her this much. Pratibha asks Sanjeev if he brought the medicine, Sanjeev says the medicines were expensive and he couldn’t bought them. He came home to take more money. The phlebotomist takes blood of papa and gives Pratibha the bill which shocks her to be 15,000. She comes out where Mahen returns a seller saying he can’t buy his designs right now. Pratibha says he liked the designs a lot, why he didn’t buy them. Mahen says he wants to save some money now. Pratibha hands him the bill which he pays in front of Kaashi. Kaashi curses Mahen again saying if he has ever thought about Sunidhi and her upcoming bills. Mahen says he will manage them in her times. Kaashi leaves curtly, Pratibha says sorry to Mahen.
At night, in the room Mahen makes a call to cancel an order of his shop. Pratibha says to him she is very lucky to have him as husband, he is being burdenized with her papa’s budgets. Mahen tells her not to worry, it is his duty and goes to sleep.

PRECAP: Sunidhi asks Sanjeev what if Mahen denies giving him any money one day, what he will do.

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