Hello Pratibha 8th July 2015 Written Episode

Sunidhi is shocked to hear about her pregnancy herself, she thinks now Pratibha must bring her back to home. She begins to cry loud and says the child to be will also suffer what Bubu has. Sanjeev tells her to take rest and he will find Bubu, Bubu stood with Mahen and Pratibha and calls Mama Papa. Sunidhi thinks this Pratibha is really a spy, she goes and hugs Bubu caressing him. She says to Sanjeev that she is begging him today to take her child with her. Sanjeev looks at Mahen, Kaashi says now only what she is saying will happen and she won’t let her expecting daughter in law step out of the house. Sanjeev tells Mahen that we just came to know about it. Sunidhi asks what the need of it all is, it is better she get an abortion, and she doesn’t want this child to come to this world. Pratibha asks how she can say so, she will never talk about abortion again. She must forget whatever happened, they must look into the future. She says to Mahen that Kaashi is right, they must allow Sunidhi back into the house. Mahen leaves without replying. Sunidhi cries.
Pratibha goes behind Mahen and stops him asking him to listen to her. She says Sunidhi is pregnant, we have to allow her live into this house. Mahen says doesn’t she know what Sunidhi did. Pratibha says what difference will be left between us and Sunidhi if we let her go away. Sanjeev comes there and says he himself is afraid about Sunidhi’s stay here, but he can’t leave her in such a conditions. Pratibha says now the situation is different, we must keep her here with her. Mahen says alright Sunidhi can stay in this house, but on the condition that Sunidhi will have to change her manners else he will himself push her out. Sanjeev says he will take care of Sunidhi and just needs their help. Pratibha assures him, he says thanks to Mahen and goes inside.
Sunidhi speaks to her mother why she let Bubu freed. Her mother says Pratibha reached there in time she would have put the case in investigation and must have come to know that she got Bubu kidnapped herself. Sunidhi says thanks for taking care of this. Sanjeev comes in, Sunidhi changes tone and says she will speak to her later. After hanging up, she invites Sanjeev to hug her. Sanjeev says Mahen has allowed her to stay but on a condition. Sanjeev says he has promised Mahen that she will change herself. Sunidhi promises and says she will prove herself to be a very good wife, daughter in law and mother. She hugs Sanjeev and smiles victoriously.
Next morning, Kaashi opens the door to Sunidhi’s mother. She had brought gifts for Sunidhi which she asks Kaashi to hold inside. Sunidhi and Sanjeev come out, Sunidhi hugs her mother and cries. Her mother asks her to stop crying now. Pratibha and everyone else also come out, Sunidhi doesn’t stop crying just to stop Pratibha. They offer them seats, Sunidhi’s mother brings about the box of sweet saying she couldn’t come empty handed. She tells Sunidhi to eat it as it is good for her, and tells everyone else to taste as well. Papa heads to hold the box but Sushma stops him, he says she is offering the sweet to everyone. Pratibha brings water, Sunidhi’s mother denies saying she can’t even have the water at her daughter’s house. Kaashi taunts Pratibha’s parents at this. Mahen says to Beena to take water as this is all old thoughts. Beena says she has brought Sunidhi up alone and has taken care of everything prevalent in our society these days. Kaashi again says pointing at Pratibha’s parents that none of the parents do so these days. Mahen stares at Pratibha, Pratibha asks Sushma to take Papa inside, and they go in.
Beena asks Kaashi to let Sunidhi go with her as she might not get the desired care over here. Kaashi promises she will take care of Sunidhi herself. Sunidhi says she is Sanjeev’s wife and he will take care of her. Sanjeev says sure he will. Kaashi says the whole family will take care of Sunidhi.
At night, Pratibha offers fruits to Sunidhi. Sunidhi notices Kaashi approaching and poses feeling nauseatic. Kaashi scolds Pratibha and when she has left, Sunidhi laughs and says to Pratibha that she is with Kaashi and wanted her to get scolded by Kaashi. Pratibha gets worried and asks what she is upto holding her arm. Sunidhi watches Sanjeev entering the room. Pratibha says to Sunidhi if whatever she is doing affects her child to be born… Sunidhi begins crying what will happen to her, why is Pratibha being negative about her child. Sanjeev stops Pratibha.

PRECAP: Kaashi wakes up at night due to a sound. Papa was in kitchen to drink water, he watches the box of sweet in fridge and eats it. Kaashi catches him red handed.

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