Sasuraal Simar Ka 27th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Simar says i dont trust this relationship anymore, prem is broken. She walks away, prem says this will hurt you as well. You know i did this for the betterment of the family. Simar starts walking away. Prem says i really love, more than myslef. I will die without you, please stop simar. He keeps screaming but simar doesn’t listen. Prem sits down in tears and recalls what simar said. He recalls all the time has hurt simar.

Maya sees simar and wonders why she locks so lost. Roli and sid come home. everyone is glad to see them. Maya says didi roli and sid are here. simar hugs roli. She says are you okay? roli says yes sid was with what could happen to me? ROli says are you okay? simar says did you have any difficulty in finding the maani? maya says in heart she is faking that smiles very well. Like nothing has happened. simar says was everything okay. roli says there was an inspector with us there as well. he was spying there. Roli tells them everything, she handovers the maani to maya.

Maya takes it and goes to her room. simar comes and says why are you worried maya? she says i am not worried. simar says you can’t lie to me. Tell me what is it? You were lost when sid told about rajeshwari. What is it that stole the happiness of getting maani back? maya says i have got it after so long, i don’t know i dont feel like owning it. simar says i don’t get it. Maya says accepting this maani means going away from all of you. The power of this maani seems useless to me in front of the power of love of this family. I want to abandon this maani.
Maya says roli sometimes relations bound with love are stronger than love. I am bound to you people with the same love I want to live my life like a normal human with you all. I want to get rid of this maani and this identity. Simar says we are all connected to you. You are not a snake for us, you are a member of our family. Simar says before taking this decision you should think twice. If you spend your life with us, we will be really happy but i don’t want you to regret or get in trouble. Maya says when we contemplate the decision has to be right. like you have taken the decision not to pardon prem, you must have thought something. I don’t wanna say something amid all this. I have decided to abandon my maani, and I have pondered over it. It will take some time, so you don’t have to worry about it. simar says then we are all with you. I will tell mata ji and rest of the family about this decision. Welcome to our family, we will always be with you. maya hugs her and says thank you didi. She says i should go now. simar says take care.

prem comes home and asks simar to come downstairs, everyone else come as well. sid says what happened prem?Prem says to simar before six months i lodged divorce in the court, they gave us six months to revive this relationship, but in mean time I made a mistake, or rather sin. i played a game with rajveer and bet on simar in that game. Everyone is bewildered. He says i lost simar. Prem says i wanted to bring back back happiness to the family but lost simar instead. You dont have to lower you gaze anymore. Just now court sent this confirmation order, after one month we will both be divorced.

Precap-Prem says whatever you said, i agree to it. There is no point of expecting a tree to be regrown. After one month we will both sign the divorce papers.

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