Sasuraal Simar Ka 24th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rajveer stops a car and is shocked to see simar sitting inside. Simar says run rajveer run. he goes running. simar calls roli and says roli do you have maani? roli says yes we do have it and we will get that important thing as well. Simar says rajveer’s game will end as well. He is running like he made prem run. He doesn’t know that his end is near. Shikhar and his other man has roped ram lal.

Rajeshwari screams ram lal come here. Where are you all hidden? Do you think i can’t find you. She looks here and there for ram lal. Roli drops a vase, sid catches it. Rajeshwari is with a sword. Shikhar says she is coming we have to hide somewhere. They hide behind a curtain.

Rajveer says only two minutes are left, where will i find that lawyer, he goes in the office, he sees the officer stamping the papers and says the property is named after nirmala devi now. keep the papers safe. Rajveer is dazed, he says this can’t happen. He goes out. Simar comes and says how you feel after losing everything rajveer? Rajveer says i have not lost, rajeshwari has my maai i will get it from her and tell you what can i do. Simar says you still think you can get it? Truth is that you will never get that manni because roli has it. and yes she has not got it alone, she has got it with sid’s help. rajveer is dazed. Simar says they are looking for rajeshwari’s important thing. He says this is a lie, sid is aryan, he is my slave. Simar says you made him aryan yourself and you don’t even have an idea. He says what the hell are you saying? simar says the day you wanted to fool people with maani’s power. A family came to, the woman asked you to help his ill brother out. Simar says that woman was sid and when he returned he became sid, and you did this yourself.

They all come to a room, roli says she came to this room i saw her coming. where can she go? Rajeshwari is hidden with her sword. roli says we came here just after her, where can she go? roli says there must be some secret way. Rajeshwari says this is a secret mirror, they can’t see me hidden here.

Simar says people like you think you can run faster than time. Rajveer throttles her and says i wont leave you alive, you took everything from me. People try to stop him, rajveer says if anyone tries to stop me i will do the same to them as well. Prem comes and hits rajveer, cops come. Simar says this was our last game against you.

rajveer is being arrested.

Precap- Rajeswari hits Shikhar with sword. Roli and Sid are shocked. Rajeswari says there is only death for those who betray her.

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