Sasuraal Simar Ka 22nd June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Shikhar tells them that maharani has been missing and we doubt that rajseshwari has abducted her. When i came here i knew all the thieves who had to come here. The woman who had to come here was a leftie and roli is a righty. When she signed the papers i got to know that she is here for some other purpose. I asked my department to inquire about you and got to know that you are husband and wife, you will get what you want and i will get what i want. Roli says if we solve it together. He says we will be close to our destination very soon.

Simar says rajveer no matter what you do, you can’t take mausi ji out of jail. When you try to move faster than time, it leaves you way behind. We were just looking for one chance, rajveer says simar how dare you to play that game with my maa. simar says i better ask this question. You know very well how to deceive, we want to be fair but you forced us to choose a wrong path. Because of you i had to lie. Rajveer says until my mom is in jail i have to face this, once she is out, i will give you all so much pain that you will beg for death. Simar says tomorrow morning will tell who has to cry. We have done this to make all the mothers realize that they can’t conceal sins of their sons. We have made this case so strong that you can’t change it. When you try so hard and still fail you will know how it feels. Anyway, i know your ego will be reduced to crumbs tomorrow.

Roli asks shikhar and sid to wait, she says i will go to that room. i am a thief in her eyes, you are aryan. I will go bring it. sid says you cant go there alone. I am not letting you go there, i will go there. roli says you can’t risk your life. he says i have to save yours. if you are safe i am safe as well. Shikar says we have to decide it who will go there first, roli says i.. sid holds her mouth and says i am going. sid says i will be back with that maani promise. roli says all the best, shikhar says best of luck and don’t worry about roli i am here with her.

Sid comes to room and sees that rajeshwari is not in her room. He says where can she go? I have to rummage the room for the mani, he starts looking everywhere. Someone comes in the room, Sid hides behind a pillar. Roli says please save Sid God, it is all dependent on him now. Shikhar says why are you tensed? i am sure sid will return soon and with that mani.

Rajeshwari comes in holding her head. She can’t stand properly. She looks in the mirror, she picks a cloak off a large trunk and takes out a small box from it. She takes out maani from it and brings it closer to her face. she slides in on her face. Sid drops something, rajeshwari is dazed. She looks in that direction. She says there is someone in my room.

She picks up a sword and goes in sid’s direction. Sid hides. She faints. Sid wonders if she really fainted and acting of being unconscious. He comes out and she’s really unconscious. He picks up something and leaves.

Rajveer is shouting at lawyer that he wants them to take some action right now.

Precap: Simar tells Rajveer he didn’t sign Mausiji’s bail papers, but property papers. All property now again belong to Mataji. Rajveer is shocked.

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