Shastri Sisters 23rd June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Guggal saying Sareen that she will drag him and take him. Anu says Sareen is more respected here in this locality and asks him to talk with respect. Guggal asks is she his daughter. Anu says she is his elder bahu and argues with Guggal. Guggal says she will search the house and then see who is culprit. She asks her staff to search in the house. The neighbors look on and gossip. Dolly says this is normal thing, as its Minty’s home. Guggal tells Minty that she has come to find out who knows what. The man says he got this burnt diary fro the garden behind the kitchen. Guggal checks it and says she got Kajal’s diary.

She says she will get all the answers, who has disappeared her and why. She says then she will show her real face and asks who knows about this diary. Anu and Minty nod no. Guggal asks them to think again. She sends the diary for forensic lab. Minty says she has bought this diary for writing expenses, but never wrote. Neil asks her not to tell anything now. Guggal looks at them.

Rohan and Alka are leaving for court as lawyer called them. Vrinda asks them to have food and go. Rohan says we are late and leaves. Vrinda says they left the file there and goes to give them. Rohan and Alka come out and see ladies protesting against Rohan. The ladies scold Rohan, and Alka defends Rohan. She says they are ruining their life just for fun, and says how Astha ruined Rohan’s life, she is with truth. They blacken Rohan’s face and humiliate him. Vrinda come there and gets shocked seeing Rohan and Alka. She cries as she was afraid of this.

Guggal reads Kajal’s diary and Kajal writes she was happy after marrying Neil, but the family did not like her, the inlaws troubled her. She writes all the wrong stories and how Minty has kicked out from the terrace once. Guggal asks Dolly and Dolly confirms it. Guggal reads diary ahead and says who is this Devyaani, lets find it.

Minty says I don’t know who burnt the diary and kept in garden. Anu says Kajal would have thrown it, I think she did this planning. Sareen says I also feel this, its not coincidence, its plan. Guggal comes to them again and starts questioning. She meets Devyaani and asks if Sareens wanted to make her bahu, its filmy two brothers and two sisters. She starts saying about Minty and Anu’s plan to get Devyaani in her home. She says Anu would have done this to make sister her Devrani and Devyaani would have wanted to get her lover Neil back, so they made Kajal go away. She says Neil did not love his wife and wanted his lover and Minty would have done anything for her son, I feel Kajal is killed, but who killed her, everyone has motive here. Neil stops Guggal from pointing to Devyaani and she scolds him to think about Kajal who is missing, she will get to conclusion after investigation, till then control, if you show love for this girl, I will conclude you the culprit.

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