Swaragini 24th June 2015 Written Episode

Laksh stops the goon from attacking Swara, and catches him. Sanskar thinks his work is done. Dida tells you have done a crime, and didn’t think about anyone of us. She says your didn’t think about your dada and dadi. You have thought that you will hide this thing from them. Ragini asks her not to tell anyone. Dida says she will tell everyone and leaves. Ragini is in shocked and thinks she has to stop her.

The Inspector asks why you are doing this and asks about his enmity with Swara and Laksh. The man introduces himself as Nakul and says he has enmity with Durga Prasad. He says he want to ruined Laksh and Swara. Laksh threatens him not to look at Swara. Nakul says he don’t want Swara to know thw truth. Sanskar continue playing dhol. The Inspector says your Papa will be happy knowing you are innocent. Laksh and Swara thank him. Inspector says this case ends here. Sanskar smiles. Nakul signs Sanskar and shows thumps up. Swara sees it and tells Laksh. Laksh says he will go and check. Ragini asks Dida not to tell her truth to anyone. Dida says she has to tell, to make her not to repeat her mistake. Sanskar flee from there, while Laksh follows him.

Ragini pleads Nani to forgive her. Laksh follows Sanskar oblivious that he is his brother. Dida calls Sumi and Dadi and tells she needs to say something. Sanskar hides somewhere. Laksh looks on cluelessly. Dida falls off the stairs. Ragini shouts Nani………Sumi rushes there. Laksh looks here and there and kicks on the garbage bin. Once he goes, Sanskar comes out of bin and walks. Sumi asks Dida, how did it happen? Ragini tells she has fallen from stairs. Sumi says she called me just now. Dadi comes there and calls her. Dida tries to speak and inform about Ragini. She points at Ragini. Dadi understands that Ragini is somehow involved in the accident. Dida gets unconsious. Sumi calls her name. Sumi tries to wake her up. Dadi asks Sumi to sprinkle water on her face. Dada says we have to take her to hospital as her head is bleeding. Ragini thinks about herself and apologizes in her heart. Sumi asks Dida to wake up. Ragini asks Sumi, not to worry.

The community members come and apologize to Durga Prasad asking him to handle the head position. They say that they will publish the news about him in the newspaper and will write Swara’s name. They honor him with a pagdi. Durga Prasad gets happy and smile. Swara and Laksh come home and see Durga Prasad getting honored. Durga Prasad smiles. The Community members does his tilak. The Inspector tells that this all is happening because of Swara. She trusted him and exposed the guilty. Swara tells that one more man is involved in this crime. Community members and Adarsh thank Swara. Swara says she didn’t do any favor and says she can’t let anything wrong happen with anyone. She want to prove him innocent as he was really innocent. Just then she gets a call about Dida’s accident. Laksh asks what has happened to her. I will drop you. Annapurna stops him.

Ragini thinks about Sanskar’s words and Dida’s words. She recalls her conversation with Dida and feels bad. She thinks what did I do? This has happened because of me. Sumi and Shekhar are in the hospital. Shekhar asks her not to worry as Maa will be alright. Sumi says she wanted to tell me something. Dadi comes to Ragini and asks her to tell truth. She asks how did she fell down? Ragini says I don’t know. She says I really don’t know. She says I was in my room. She goes to Shekhar and gives him water. Doctor informs them that Shobha went into Coma. Sumi gets shaken up and glass falls from her hand. Shekhar asks if she will be alright? Doctor says we can’t tell if she will get out of coma or not. Ragini thinks about Dadi’s words and is teary eyed.

Ragini holds Dida’s hand and tells that she is responsible for her condition. Swara comes there and sees Ragini with Dida. Durga Prasad announces at home, that he has no objection with Swara and Laksh’s alliance (wow DP, great going). He comes to Shekhar and asks for Swara’s hand for marriage with Laksh. Everyone is surprised.

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