Sadda Haq 13th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
yoyo says they kick sahil out of team, first randhir and then sahil. sanyu says lets talk to ranawat. yoyo says we wont attend any classes or anything until he gets sahil back. SAnyu says please let me talk to him.
sanyu comes to ranawat’s room and sees him talking to someone on call, he says i wont let you do this to sahil. He is a member of my team and no matter who wants him, i wont let this happen to him. I will resign. Sanyu comes in and says i heard you talking on call. Please don’t leave dream team sir, its our dream. Only you can fulfill it. I wanted to talk about sahil. Ranawat says go and do your work. sanyu leaves. sanyu comes out and faces sahil, sahil goes out in distress. There is a new guy coming in sahil’s place.

Parth comes to his room and sees a guy throwing stuff out of closet and placing his in it. parth grasps his collar and says who are you and how dare you to come here? The guy says i dont need to ask you. parth says this is my room, he says from now this is my room too. Parth says do you need a reason to to fight? He says yes. Parth punches him.They both start fighting.

Randhir sits with sahil, sahil says leave me alone. randhir says listen to me once, i have been through this. I was mad as well. But trust me we will get equal opportunities as dream team members, look at this team they hire young and talent engineers, we might earn big, sahil smiles. Sanyu sees them and smiles.
Parth gives him and hand, and says friends? he says yes. The guy says i hope other people in dream team are like you as well.

Agarwal says to Mehra ji i am sorry i can’t do this, this is not in my hands. He says what you mean? I brought such good proposal for her. Agarwal says her wedding means nothing to me now, i dont even wanna talk about it. Her wedding is over for me. Mehra says if you ever think about her wedding let me know this proposal is good. He leaves. Sanyu comes downstairs, agarwal ignores her.
Sanyu comes to college and sits with randhir on bench, she says i was missing maa. He says i was talking to your mom. Look at that star, say yes. Your mom has given me permission to grab your ear if you do something like last night. She is proud of you. randhir hugs her and says please don’t cry or she will be mad at me. Lets go its late. randhir sees sanyu off to her room. sanyu says i loved it when you consoled sahil. He says you appreciate me rarely. She says you do good deeds rarely. He says why are you with me then? sanyu says because i can’t trust anyone else. renuka calls randhir. SAnyu says your mom is calling? He says don;t interfere in my mom’s issues.

Dream team is working, the new guy comes in. parth says he is the one. The guy says please continue. sanyu says we dont need to ask you. Vid says did you bribe dean? sanyu says our responsibilities are assigned. what will you do? he says nothing, i will just chill out here, eat the apple and get certificate. Yoyo says you could eat one at home as well. He says but dad wont let me stay home. Sanyu says eating apple wont get you a certificate. You have to work like others, he says i will see who can stop me from getting certificate. Ranawat comes in. He checks the work and says no improvement. no coordination. You people are not working as a team. I need a member in the team, he will help you as my assistant. He will work. ranaawat says come in, sahil comes in. They are glad to see him.

sanyu comes to ranawat’s cabin. He says i dont wanna hear you thank you, i want to you show improvement with your team.
Taniya sits with randhir on stairs and says why are you forcing yourself to read when you are not interested to read. Btw i am taniya. He says randhir. She says you are hard to get? I don’t like things that you get easily. Challenges are always amazing. right? randhir doesn’t respond. she says btw i didn’t you read the book upside down. randhir is shocked.
Taniya comes to sanyu and says hey rommie. Don’t you get bored in lab. She says i saw a hot guy in corridor and his attitude. he was not even talking, his name was randhir.

Precap-renuka comes FITE, randhir says why you come here to turture me. renuka says i just need 5 minutes. He says dont come here again, sanyu comes in.

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