Sasuraal Simar Ka 13th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Khushi says witches have suck cold blood, they are all dazed. Khushi says i said what i heard. Sunanda says do you even know what you are saying. simar says i am sorry on her behalf. sunanda says i have blood disease that is why my hands are that cold. Mata ji says khushi didn’t want to hurt you, actually we have been through a lot so she was just scared. Roli says forget it and tell her why you left your village? Mohini says that which is after us now and she wants to kill us. Sid says why you two? she can kill anyone to empower herself. Mohini says she has chosen our family, she does pooja in our name so she could kill us and get more powers. When we got to know this, we ran from there. sometimes we think death would better than this life. We thought we will live a new life here but she found us as well. she is dangerous we don’t want you to face any troubles, we will leave. Simar says we will inform cops. Sunand says everyone loves their lives, police can’t do anything. Cops will tell them that we are here.

prem says you need a new place to live where they cant find you. Amar says i should take them to my place, no one will find them there. Mata ji says yes right decision until they are there we will find proofs against thakurain. I hope they start a new life, we will help them. Sunanda says i will never forget your favor. No one trusted you but you did. You and your family is great.

Scene 2
Haldi starts, guests start coming. Prem looks at stairs, sankalp says why are you looking there again and again. Have some pateince. Sattu says waiting has its own charm. Simar comes downstairs, roli says look at prem, he has glown. sid gives a flower to anjali and says give it to mama and say that papa has snet it. Anjali gives it to simar and says papa gave it mama. Everyone smiles.
Sid says to roli we should get married with them as well.

Amar is talking on call and bikers shoves him and little and he falls on mohini. They get hooked in each others eyes. She says why are you out? he says i had a call. he says where is your mom? she says her bp is high, i wanted to stay with her. but you people have helped us so we should attend it. Amar says yes it would have broken my heart, i am mean all of us. lets go in. Mohini looks at the mark, she says oh God. i have to do something. mohini goes in tension.

celebrations start, everyone dances. Amar says why are you so worried? look roli brought the haldi, mata ji comes forward, a black cat come and shoves the haldi bowl. Everyone is dazed.
Pari says she ruined the function. mohini says i know why this happened and why this cat came here. Mohini says that hand mark is symbol of danger. This cat, she came to warn you. Mata ji says what are you saying? mohini says same mark was outside my house when papa returned. Thakurain threatened to kill my dad.
Simar says mata ji we saw the mark. Prem says when i came in there was no mark? They all go out,and see the mark there. sid tries to clean it but the cat howls at him.

Precap-Mata ji says sujata since the cat ruined haldi i dont feel good i think i should go and meet pandit ji. Mata ji opens the door. its thakurain standing there. she shows picture of sunanda and mohini and asks if mata ji has seen them.

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