Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 13th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Vinati says amar please don’t go today, its pooja and you saw what happened to the idol, amar says don’t be stupid, this is all rubbish. The pooja starts, shreya collides with vinati and pours something on her sari, her red sari turns white. Vinati says why is it turning white?
She says this is not a good sign. she calls amar but he doesn’t pick up, she starts crying. elaichi says please calm down. She says it was ringing, where is he? please bhushan call amar. call someone who is with him? or can we send someone there? kirlok says he is in a meeting. Text him, vinati says no please call. Bhushan calls but his number is not reachable. Vinati tells them about the broken mirror and the sindur fallen on the floor. she says there is s curse on this is house, it will kill us all. kirlok says please calm down there is nothing like that. Vinati says we need to do something about. dadi says there is nothing like it. She is crying in panic. Amar comes in and sees her crying like this. he says vinati? he is dazed. Vianti goes and hugs him. He says i was stuck in traffic. Kirlok says are you okay now? He was just in traffic. Elaichi says now dont think about all that again. We have made this house with love, if we get the pooja done we will follow the uneducated. Kirlok says we are one and no one can apart us. don’t be so weak.

Sanjina says the situation got under control but shreya wont stop. i didn’t get how the sari turned white. I am sure she must have mixed something. Sanjina calls someone and says i wanted to ask something, shreya overhears it.
Bab says come, i knew you would come but not this soon. Its ajay. Ajay says you were talking about some pooja to get my curse off. Baba says you will go against your family for the pooja? Ajay says i am ready.
Baba calls shreya and tells her that ajay is there. Shreya is dazed, she says tell him that its too late. Now there is not benefit of pooja, nothing can save them now but there is one option if he and his wife sanjina leave this house.
Elaichi is working in kitchen, shreya says you need something?shreya says you have been working a lot. elaichi says you need rest. she says i am blessed to have family like this. everyone loves me but sanjina.. elaichi says what is it? shreya says nothing. Its not her fault maybe i am paying for your faults. Shreya says sanjina thinks that i wanna break this house, i am playing tricks. Maybe because bhushan called ajay a curse or maybe ajay told her that i couldn’t her adjust here initialy. Elaichi says dont worry. Shreya says please dont tell anyone. Shreya will be judges i will bear whatever she says about me. Elaichi hugs her. She says dont think about it.

Precap-sanjina tells elaichi that shreya is behind all that is happening in the house. I never thought she would make vinati think about being a widow.. Elaichi slaps her.

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