Kalash 13th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sakshi says to Devika that that day Ravi was not proposing Navidita but you, Devika says you are lying, Ravi cant do that, we are just friends, he cant do anything like that, Sakshi says enough, you cant control everyone, you want Ravi to feel what you want to make him feel? its his choice what he feels for you, he has realized his feelings, he has realized that he cant live without you, he mistaken Navi as Devika, i want to tell you so that you dont think anything wrong, you should nto take wrong decision, DEvika says i have already taken decision, listen to me carefully, i have accepted Saket as my life partner and Ambe Maa wants this too and no one can change my decision now, dont talk to me about it, i have accepted him, this is my decision, will you be on side in this decision? Sakshi looks on.
Ravi is following Saket’s goons, they come to their den, Ravi hides and goes in godown behind them, goons says to ananya that dont create problems, he says to her that if you remain silent then Saket will free you after marriage but if yoy create problems then you are gone, Ravi thinks that i should switch off lights, goons will get tensed, they will come to see lights and in meantime i will free Ananya and leave with her, he switches off lights, goons goes to check lights, Ravi comes to Ananya and frees her, lights are switched on, Ravi looks on.

Scene 2
Saket Baraat arrives to the venues. Rekha comes to Devika and says you are looking very beautiful, she ask her why you are not ready? she ask Sakshi why you not making her ready? Rekha makes Devika wear jewelry, Devika hugs Rekha and says i dont want to do this marriage, dont make me away from you, i cant live without you, Sakshi says question isnt that how will you live without us but how will you love with that person? there is still time, run away, Rekha ask her to shut up, Rekha says when i was getting married, i was afraid too, i wanted to be at my home only but when i came to this house, i got so much love, when life partner is with you in every step then everything looks great, i have gone through this time too, you will see how much you will love your inlaws family that you will forget us, smile, Sakshi says this is all possible when life partner is good, Saket is not a good person, Devika ask her to hut up, i have told you many times that i dont have problem with this marriage, i am happy with this marriage.
Saket is on horse, horse gets jittery because of fireworks and starts jumping, Saket falls from horse, all baraaties start laughing.
Bunty(cousin of Devika) comes to DEvika’s room, he says what action i saw outside, Sakshi ask what happened? Bunty tells how horse jumped and Saket fell from horse, DEvika gets tensed, Sakshi says even horse realized that its important to throw Saket away but some people doesnt understand it, Devika ask whats your problem? Sakshi leaves angrily.
goons sees Ravi and says he is same person whom saket asked to be careful of, Ravi beats them, he runs with Ananya from there, Ravi and ananya doesnt know way out of den, they hide, goons are finding them, goon calls Saket and tells him about Ravi running away with Ananya, Saket scolds him and says dont call me till you dont find them else i will kill you, Savitri comes there, Saket is shocked to see her.

Scene 3
goons leave den, ananya says they will not leave me, Ravi says relax, i am with you, Ananya says Saket will kill me and my child, Ravi ask her to relax, he says i told you to tell everyone about Saket’s truth but you didnt listen to me, now you have two ways, either you come with me and saves girl marrying Saket or go to your way so that goons catch you again and kill you, if you come with me then i wont let anything happen to you, come with me and tell Saket’s truth, Ananya says i will come with you to tell Saket’s truth, this will be punishment for him, i should have listened to you, i am feeling disgusted that why did i trust him, Ravi says dont worry, just come with me.
Savitri ask Saket why you were scolding someone? we did something wrong? Saket says no nothing like that, my friend is not coming in marriage so i was scolding him, Savitri says you are right, he will come, come with me all are waiting for you for Jay mala ceremony, Saket comes in with her, he finds DEvika coming down dressed as bride, he thinks Ananya is with Ravi, what if they come here, he looks at Sakshi, Sakshi’s phone rings, she takes call, she gives call to Devika, Saket thinks if its Ravi’s call?

PRECAP- Saket says to Devika that i know you stopped because you dont want to leave your family thats why i have come here to accompany you till venue of jay mala.

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