Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th July 2015 Written Episode

Ahem tells family that they should call police to investigate who wants to harm our family. Meera asks why police. Pari says it is a family issue and there is no need of police. Jigar says we have to. Rashi gets worried and asks if police will come. Jigar says yes as she did not do her home work and takes her to her home to complete homework. While completing homework, Rashi watches electricians fixing geyser.

Ahem and Gopi’s romance starts. They praise each other’s looks, etc… and hug each other. Vidya comes and calls them for pooja downstairs. They both go downstairs and sees swingers for each family couple for teej pooja. Vidya asks importance of teej vrat. Kokila tells the importance and values behind it. Someone tampers Gopi’s swinger lighting. After kokila’s speech, she does not find Rashi and calls her. Rashi comes and says she spilled water on her dress, so she had gone to change.

Kinjal gets ready for teej pooja. Urmila asks where is she going. Kinjal says she kept teej vrat for Dhaval and will perform pooja in sometime. Urmila laughs and says she knows what she is up to and will never let her execute her plan. Kinjal challenges her that she will.

Tolu announces family couples to get ready for performance. Kokila asks Hetal and Chirag to sit on swinger first as they are elder. Hetal says though she is elder, Kokila takes care of family and should swing first. Kokila sits on swinger. Pari says she has gift on swinger. Kokila finds 2 film tickets and Chirag says he bought film tickets as they did not go on outing since a long time. Baa gets emotional and Vidya asks the reason. Baa says she and her husband sow modi family plant and after years, it has grown into a big tree. Earlier Hetal and Kokila used to swing, now Gopi and Pari joined, soon tolu/molu’s wives will join. Kokila swings first and then asks Hetal to swing.

Urmila enjoys sweets and tempts Kinjal to have some. Kinjal says she will break fast after dhaval comes and then will eat sweets. Urmila say she heard him telling that he has important meeting and will come late. Kinjal says she will wait whole night until he comes.

Chirag gifts Hetal her favorite novel and swings her. Kokila asks him to sing a song for Hetal. He shies. Tolu/molu joke to sing chandan sa badan. He sings. Gopi’s turn comes next. Ahem holds lighting wire and gets electric shock. Whole family is shocked to see him trembling.

Precap: Ahem falls down after electric shock. Kokila asks Tolu/molu to call doc first.

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