Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raman being mistaken about his report and thinking to find it. He hears Zindagi ka safar…… and asks the man is he hearing the same. He gets irritated and asks him to stop the song. The man looks at Raman and says I think he is mentally sick. Raman leaves. Raman comes home and is worried, thinking why did Lord give him this illness. He thinks of the symptoms, and checks his hands. Ishita comes and ask what is he hiding. She hugs him and he gets away, asking him to wear proper clothes. He asks does he have hormonal changes. He realizes and thinks what did this happen. He asks her not to make him more worried and leaves. She says what shall I do.

Ruhi talks on phone and guides Mihir on cooking. Ishita takes the call and talks to Mihir. She asks why is he cooking, where is Rinki. He says Rinki came late at night, she is sleeping, I was hungry and Ruhi taught me cooking. She asks shall I send food. He says no need. She ends the call and says I did not know Ruhi has masterchef in you. She hugs her. Mihir is proud of himself to make breakfast, and sits eating. Rinki comes and says I m feeling much sleepy. She asks did he make all this. He says Ruhi taught me. She tastes it and says not bad, make one for me too, also ginger tea too. He says ginger tea, I hate it.

Rinki goes to kitchen and sees it super messy. She says Mihir has increased my work, I will make breakfast myself. She gets her friend’s call and says lunch and then shopping, fine, and is relieved of cooking. Ishita makes Ruhi ready. Ruhi says she has to tell something serious. She says Sarika told you, when will you and Papa go to meet that doctor, please I heard that you can have the baby, doctor also promised they will help you, just go, don’t take tension, I will manage my homework and not trouble anyone. Ishita gets glad. She hugs Ruhi and says she will go today evening, promise. She says I love you and kisses her. Neelu gets her phone ringing. Ishita sends Ruhi for school. She attends the doctor’s call and he asks about any place where he can get good south Indian food. She says the place and asks about Raman’s health. He says its allergy. She says I did not remember about his allergy. He says I could not come yesterday, sorry, I will send the medicines.

Raman rehearses to tell Ishita about his illness and sneezes. Ishita comes and says she wants to talk what Sarika said, we have to meet doctor today, even Ruhi want us to go. He says I have to tell something. She says I have to rush, Ruhi will be angry if we don’t go, and kisses him to say bye. She leaves. He says no one has time for me, and I myself have less time, baby will come when baby’s Papa is alive. He calls doctor and says he wants to meet him now, in the coffee shop.

Mihir calls Raman and talks about work. Raman thinks to meet doctor first. Raman meets the doctor and asks about the viral illness, saying his friend wanted to know. The doctor tells him the symptoms, and Raman checks himself. The doctor asks is he fine. Raman says what are other symptoms. The doctor says patient forgets appointments, meetings.. Raman gets Mihir’s call and says I forgot, I m coming. Raman leaves. The doctor calls Ishita and asks is Raman fine, he was worried and was researching about some new disease. She says don’t worry, maybe he read on net. He says he was behaving strange. She says he is such every day, thanks for calling. She ends call and says what happens to Raman, I hope its some good news in evening, he will be normal.

Mihir gives the presentation and Raman joins him. He says he started forgetting. The ma says he wants to give the project to him, they will celebrate on 15th august and they will distribute juice to the kids. Raman says we will manage the contract and asks his staff to complete it. Raman says its good, I will die, but his company name will be shining. Mihir talks to Raman about a epidemic in South Africa and many people are dying. Raman asks what is it. Mihir says its spreading, and asks what happened to him. He asks him not to worry about the project and goes. Raman worries.

Ashok gets angry and tells Suraj that Raman got the contract. Jhakad says its big contract. Suraj asks them to chill, its golden opportunity to ruin Raman. Ashok asks what does he mean. Suraj says its ministry’s contract, all kids will be there and Raman’s company will be packaging the juice, think if there is something wrong in the juice… Ashok says right, we have to see Raman does not fulfill the contract else the juice gets faulty that makes kids fall ill. Suraj says Raman should lose name, then think he can go to jail too. Ashok says yes, we have to do something big with Raman.

The doctor talks to Raman and Ishita, and he asks about their marriage happened 1.5 years ago but…. Ruhi asks Ishita about the baby.

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