Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 14th July 2015 Written Episode

Cabir tries to remind Manik that he made him a promise to setup Cabir’s love story . Manik makes up a face and after seeing the face of Manik Cabir says that he was unconscious but has not lost his memory and hewill help him. Dhruv comes and Manik says to Cabir that he also has to help Dhruv but Cabir says that they must not come between them but Manik disagrees and says that he made a promise to Dhruv.
Manik asks Mukti and Aaliya to setup their gear alongside Dhruv and asks Dhruv to help Aaliya move her Piano. All of them get ready and then say to Mank to stop using his phone otherwise they would not be able to rehearse and so they begin and also have a lot of fun.
Nandhani is in his room and cleaning the honey off her shoes and suddenly her aunt comes and makes her eat something .
Manik’s servant comes and asks him that Nandhani called and asked him to make Manik eat .Manik hearing this get angry and tells him to go away.
Mukti and Harshad stop after having another race and Mukti asks Harshad where was he when he went away and he tells him that he went too London and New York. Then she remembers Aryaman saying that he was from New York. Mukti asks Harshad that what was his favourite thing and he said that he drove formula 2 Mukti says that he is very lucky and she should have been with him then Mukti takes off and stops to see pictures of Aryaman in the formula 2 suit Mukti thinks that she was right and Aryaman and HArshad know eachother from Newyork.
Nandhani comes and knocks on Maniks door but he says that he does not want to eat and as she tries to come in he throws and hits her then they get into an argument and Nandhani asks him to come down but he refuses and says that she has to says that he is right but Nandhani says that they will discuss it later then Mani pulls her and Hears Nyonika shouting as to why the Guard let these people come in . Manik hearing this rushes down and greets the aunt of Nandhani and tells Nyonika that they are his guests and then he introduces them to each other. Then she asks Manik that is he feeling okay now and gives Manik something which she made for him. Manik tells that Nandhani told him that she was making something for him so he did not asked his mom. Manik asks Nyonika to take him and wash his hands.
Manik tells Nyonika that she never cared for him but Nandhani aunt did so much for him and even held the Puja because she cares

Precap: Nandhani is standing at the door and then asks Manik to come with her but he says that the fight is not over and then Nandhani moves out of the room after pulling her hand from Mank.

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