Sasuraal Simar Ka 14th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rajhinder apologizes all the guests. A guest says we can understand, take care. they all leave, anjali is scared. She cries, roli says anjali the cat has ran away. Jhanvi says we are all here with you. jhanvi says what is all this mohini, Anjali is so scared because of you. A cat can come anywhere anytime, that doesn’t mean there is so witch in our house. Sid says lets remove the handmark. Mohini says it wont be removed, that sign shows that something wrong is gonna happen to you. Khushi says this is all because of you, she has come here chasing you. Pari says we don’t even know them why that witch is after us. uma says when you knew she was after you then why you had to come here. Simar says i don’t think its their fault, I think she was there when we went to save Anjali. They were doing a weird pooja there. Prem says yes they were about to kill someone for powers. Simar says maybe same women was there as well. Roli says but you said no one was there, it was kidnappers. simar says maybe she was hiddne from us. Amar says that place is in Jaipur and her kidnappers said that sold sanjina to some woman. Mohini says something wrong is gonna happen, you have to be careful. That is what meant by that cat’s arrival here. SImar says yes we have to be careful until we solve this mystery, mohini and sunanda have to live here. Prem says lets meet inspector and discuss this issue. simar i wont let any torture take over my house now.

Scene 2
Simar is sitting in her room, she recalls when she felt like someone is peering into the house. She recalls all that Mohini said. Roli is worried as well. Simar says is this all true? Sid comes in the room. Roli says i thought after didi and jeju’s wedlock everything will be okay and this happened in the first function.
Prem comes in and says what happened Simar? don’t believe in all this. A black cat can’t ruin all this. My love for you will stay the same.
Sid says we are bound by heart. Even if the function couldn’t happen.. Prem says the color of my love will always stay in your live. He puts turmeric on her cheeks. He says how could i leave my haldi ceremony incomplete. The song ‘saans main teri’ plays in background. Prem hugs simar from back. Simar falls in his arms. Roli and sid come close as well. Sid makes roli wear some bangles he bought for her.

Mata ji says since that cat ruined the ceremony i don’t feel good. I think i should meet pandit ji. Sujata says that would be right. Mata ji opens the door, thakurain is standing there. Mohini sees her there from her window, she closes the window immediately and tells her mom. She says if she finds us she will kill us. Thakurain says i need your two minutes, mata ji says how can i help you? She shows them pictures of sunanda and mohini and asks have you seen these two somewhere? mata ji is quite. Thakurain says i have been looking for them. its like life and death for me. Mata ji takes the photo, mata ji says in heart is she the same thakurian? Mata ji says i don’t think i have ever seen them, let me ask my family. Maybe anyone has seen them.

Mata ji says let everyone come, then i will tell you. She says prem sattu shalu everyone come here. Mohini says to her mom, i am so scared. Mata ji says what i am going to tell you shouldn’t scare or worry any of you. She says this woman standing on our gate, is the same thakurain about whom sunanda and mohini told us. Everyone is dazed. uma says I think we should catch her and give her to cops. Amar says no she shouldn’t know that we know her reality. I follow her find out. Simar says amar is right. Simar takes the picture from mata ji, she goes to the thakurain and says apologies, we have never seen them. Thakurian says sure? none of you has seen her? simar says no. Why are you looking for them? Thakurain says its a long story i don’t have time to tell it today. She leaves. Sunanda and mohini see her leaving.
Raju and her men tell her that they don’t know where she is. Thakurain says i know where is she. This house’s people will give them to us. just keep patience. She glances at bharadwaj house.

Precap-Thakurain’s men abduct Mohini and Sunanda. Amar, prem and simar come out. Amar says they took mohini and her mom with them.

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