Sadda Haq 14th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Taniya says to sanyu, people told me he was some genius. sanyu says he still is, tania says why are you defending him? sanyu says he is my bf. She says that is why has so much attitude, he is really hot. But you are here in your boring laptop, you should be with him.

randhir is home, he says dad whats going on? you said you are not well. Harsh says i am fine. Talk to renuka on call. Randhir hangs up and says i don’t wanna talk and if you had some sensibility you wont have talked either. Harsh says you didn’t have to do anything, you just have to say yes and she will make you a member. Harsh says my life is of no value to you? I sacrificed my life for you. Randhir says you are doing this for your ego. HArsh says you are getting me wrong, randhir says i don’t wanna talk about it. He leaves.
Ankit says to agarwal investing in this project is going to benefit us.. sanyu comes on table, agarwal leaves. Ankit says at least let him eat. He leaves as well.

Scene 2
Next morning, randhir comes to college. Renuka has come to meet him.randhir says what the hell are you doing here? renuka says i wanna talk to you. randhir says i don’t want to, why you come here? renuka says you dont pick my call. you avoid me. Randhir says yes i dont want to talk to you. Renuka says give me five minutes, don’t you have five minutes for me. randhir says did you have time for me? i don’t have time for you either. Stop harassing me. Randhir leaves and sees sanyu standing in the doorway. renuka says he has to talk to me. sanyu says i will convince him, let me talk to him. Renuka says in heart she can convince him and i can’t?
sanyu goes to randhhir. He says stay out of this. sanyu says your personal life and mine are conjoined now. Just talk to her once. randhir says i dont wanna talk to renuka saniyal. sanyu says you can talk to your mom, A mom’s importance in life never ends. randhir says i was never important in her life. sanyu says just listen to her, you will do whatever you want. Just listen to her. Randhir says okay 5 minutes.

Renuka says i was doing all this for you. This is all you for you, i want you to take the charge and take the hold of my company. Randhir recalls what some people taunted on her about sanyu’s power. randhir says why are you doing all this? renuka says i want to rebuild my relationship with you. randhir says you have nothing else to do now, you have achieved what you wanted so now in free time, you are here. you want to bring me back with money? you are still a business woman you were never a mom. Randhir leaves. Renuka cries.

Randhri comes to lab and kicks the table. He breaks stuff, sanyu comes and says what are you doing? He throttles her and says i didn’t want to talk to her. money is of utmost importance for her. sanyu says what happened? He says i wont listen to anyone now. i will do what i want. why everyone dictates me.

sanyu asks ankit why is papa not back? Ankit says don’t pretend to be worried for him. He will come, he is not a kid. agarwal comes in, sanyu says where were you papa? Its late. agarwal and ankit go in. sanyu looks at anju’s picture and says this is so difficult why are yo not here with me.
harsh comes to randhir. randhir says i don’t wanna talk about it. Harsh says you have to respect me and listen to me. randhir you don’t even respect yourself. you have no self esteem and you are bowing down to her but i wont. Harsh says this is time for payback. Randhir says payback? Harsh says yes she made her life and career after throwing us away like trash, but its time for you to get your right, randhir says i dont want anything. Harsh says you should get your right. Randhir says i thought you would be happy to have a son at least. Harsh says listen.. randhir goes in room.
Renuka calls randhir he doesn’t pick. Renuka calls sanyu. sanyu says ma’am? sanyu says is everything okay? renuka says yes everything is fine. Are you okay? is college and everything okay? sanyu says yes i am fine. you wanna talk to randhir? Renuka says yes. SAnyu says okay i will text him. renuka says thank you.
Sanyu calls randhir, she says i wanna say something? He says yes? sanyu says i love you. Randhir is in tears. sanyu says are you crying? please don’t cry. i am sorry.
Parth sees tania in her room. He says how you came in my room? she says i am tania and i came from door. he says i am getting late for college. Tania says i amazing things in life come late. Like i came late here. He says you are beautiful and you know it, now leave. She says tell me something that i don’t know. she leaves. Vidushi calls parth, he says i am leaving for the class. Tania comes in and says i forgot my phone here. Vid says is tania there? what is she doing in your room? why did you let her in? parth says listen to me. She hangs up.
sanyu comes in her room. Vid says do you know what tania did? She went to boys hostel and went to parth’s room. She is flirting with everyone. SAnyu says why should we care? Vid says would you still say the same if she flirt with randhir? sanyu says she already has but i trust randhir.

Precap-Randhir asks sanyu on call, so where are you taking me? sanyu says thats a surprise. He says okay i will come. Ankit plots something. Randhri waits for sanyu but she doesn’t come.

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