Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 14th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sanjina comes to kitchen elaichi avoids her. Sanjina says i wanted to talk to you. Elaichi says go ahead, sanjina says you and mamma ji built this family with love and sensibility. Since i have come here.. Elaichi says come to the point directly. Sanjina says i wanted to talk about shreya. These days whatever is happening in house, shreya is doing all this. She is doing so I and ajay leave this house. She wants to fear everyone. Elaichi says look sanjina.. sanjina says whatever happened today was her plan. The sari, the launderer told me there is a chemical that makes it possible. i didn’t shreya would make vinati think about widow thing. Elaichi slaps her. She says dont use this word ever again. you are talking about my son. I wont listen a word against shreya. I asked you to wi hearts here. You are making your place here this way? I have never slapped anyone but you forced me. SAnjina says i didn’t mind it. You are my elder you can slap but please listen to me. Shreya really.. elaichi says enough. Even the slap didn’t change you. Let me clear one thing i wont listen anything against shreya. Please don’t ruin my house. Elaichi leaves.

Sanjina comes crying in her room. She calls ajju, ajju says what is it? you call me all the time, i don’t have time here at all. I cant solve this stupid problems of yours. Sanjina says please listen to me. He hangs up.
Ajay comes in and asks where are you coming from? Did you go to zero hour? He turns her face towards him. He says why are you crying? Did someone say something? Tell me, for ajju. Sanjina says don’t talk about him, he doesn’t care about me. No one cares about me. No one trusts me. I talked to mammi ji, i thought she would listen to, but no one trusts me. he says this is all your misunderstanding. What did mami say? sanjina says she thought i am lying, she slapped me. He says what? slap? She says no one talks to me, not even ajju. no one in the family i am nothing to anyone. I feel alone in such a big family. Ajay says you are not alone, i am here, your pal. SAnjina is dazed at his words. Sanjina says friend? she hugs him and says thank you ajay. You don’t know how much i value it, i feel so alone. I had no one but you. Thank you. He hugs her back. Some papers fly from files, ajay and sajina collect them together. Sanjina says job applications? what is all this? ajay says i don’t want my family to face more troubles. I am a curse. sanjina says you are not, i know you are worried. I would have thought the same. Give me some days, i will prove everyone you are not a badluck. till then keep them in. Give me one day, please trust me. Ajay says okay. he folds the papers. sanjina says thank you.
Sanjina says in heart i wont let you go away from your music.

Dadi reading the newspaper, everyone enjoys the breakfast. Shreya says to sanjina wont you like tea with us? why is you cheek red? Blush on? or your mother in law slapped you for talking ill about me? i feel bad. She goes to everyone and says good morning, mishri says why you came here yourself? you should have asked me. Avni comes back home. They all hugs her and are glad. Bhushan says welcome back. Dadi hugs her. mishri says now she will tell us what happened. bhushan says let her calm down. chachi calls kirlok, she says something that bewilders kirlok. He says but.. everyone is dazed. kirlok says we could only try that is in our hands. God made couples. Why are you apologizing? Elaichi says doesn’t matter. Avvni will find the prince. Dadi says we will find better guys. kirlok says but his family was good as well. bhushan says no one can find a perfect girl like avni. Kirlok says ask amar to keep the shop closed. dadi says why is gloom? kirlok says no in happiness, they are coming tomorrow. They all smile and celebrate. kirlok says they are head over heels on avni. Dadi says our daughter is one in a million. Vinati says let me ask amar to bring sweets. Ajay says should i bring it? Dadi says yes go.

Ajay asks sanjina did you eat something? She says no i will eat later. sanjina says are they going hasty? avni should meet him more and then decide. Ajay says mamma ji has inquired about him. Don’t worry about them. Vinati and amar met once before wedding and look they are the happiest. Sanjina says everyone is no as lucky as amar and vinati. sanjina says congrats to avni. Avni says thanks. sanjina says are you happy? avni says yes. SAnjina says i think you should meet him more before deciding something final? Bhushan comes and says don’t interfere in our matters.

Precap-Elaichi says look at this locket you can wear it tomorrow. Shreya says to her mom, no one should see me here. Keep this with you. She gives her the locket.

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