Sadda Haq 15th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Tania comes in and says you will make be better? Vid says what were you doing in parth’s room? Tania says why are you asking when you know? Vid says don’t mess with me. I don’t have time for you, make sure i dont get mad at you.
Vid is looking for parth, he hides from her.

Tania is in tears. Sanyu tries to console her. Tania says its okay, it doesn’t matter. She hugs sanyu. sanyu says what happened? tears don’t match your nature. Tania says will you come downstairs with me to eat prataha? Sanyu says lets go. The eat paratha in canteen. Tania shows her fiancee to him. She says he is handsome, royal and rich. sanyu says whats the problem then? tania says keep the questions safe for later. SAnyu says today has to be a good day. Tania says date planned? sanyu smiles.

Randhir asks sanyu where are you taking me? sanyu says that is a surprise. He says where to pick you from? Sanyu says from office, i have a small meeting, i will get done with this. Ankit overhears it. He says something to the manager.
Randhir awaits sanyu with flowers, Ankit keeps dragging the meeting. Ankit says we better talk about profit percentages. Sanyu says in heart randhri must be waiting. Sanyu sits down. Randhir asks receptionist can you ask sanyu to come? He says no she is in a meeting. She can’t come. randhir says i am going in. They stop him, randhir says you cant stop me. randhir says i am her bf. They laughs.
Sanyu gets done with the meeting and sees that randhir is not there. she asks receptionist. He says randhir has left. Sanyu texts randhir. He takes out his sim card and throws it away. Sanyu sees the flowers. Randhir starts his bike. Sanyu calls parth and asks him if randhir is in the room? parth says no he is not. Randhir works on a machine. Sanyu comes to lab,she sees randhir;s hand bleeding. sanyu says please dont work your hand is bleeding. randhir says get out from here. sanyu says please listen to me once. He shoves the machine away. Sanyu kisses him. Randhir leaves.

Tania is in the room, vid comes and sees her smiling while using laptop. Vid says why are you seeing parth’s profile. Tania says his name should be chocolate cake. Vid says don’t hit on him. Vid shoves him. Tania says i just look delicate. vid says parth is my bf, I can’t see you cheap girls near him. Tania says then you should stay away from him. Your insecurity has made you a fool, VId says dont even compare yourself to me. Parth can tell you who is better. Tania says i don’t want to ruin your relationship and leaves.
Randhir comes to room and says parth fight with me hit me. They start hitting each other.

Sanyu recalls randhir’s hand in blood. Tania stops sanyu, she says why are you sad? Sanyu says randhir thinks he is not my priority but.. well leave it. Tania says its just a misconception just clear. He thinks he is not important for you. Prove it to him that he is important. Get a tatto. I have a plan i will clear all problem between you two. sanyu says what plan? tania says trust me.
Tania takes sanyu to the tatto maker, the maker says are you sure you want to get a name printed? What if you fight with him later? sanyu recalls their fights and then their loving moments together. Tania says just get R written you will find other guys with R initial. Maker says you have to be sure before getting a tattoo. sanyu says i am sure about it. She shows sanyu fonts and designs. She says where you want to get it done? Sanyu decides a design.

Randhir sees vid alone and says why are you alone? where is your gossip partner? Vid says she has gone out with tania. I don’t like that girl, she will make sanyu like her. she hits on parth. Randhir says quite. Sanyu gets the tattoo on her back, it hurts. Sanyu comes back to college. Vid says randhir is looking for you, focus on your bf. Tania says don’t go to meet him. Let him be bad. I have a plan. She whispers something in sanyu’s ear.

Precap- tania says to randhir come to store room tonight at 11, sanyu will wait for you there. Randhir comes to store room and sees in full of balloons. they go out in rain. .

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