Sasuraal Simar Ka 15th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Khushi says what is happening. Roli says she has reached our house. Mata ji says prem call amar. Amar calls simar and says i think she is doubting us. she is outside the street and gazing at bharadwaj house. Simar says be careful of her. Thakuain sees sunanda and Mohini coming in the street. She says start the car, they come to the street. Amar sees sunanda and mohini as well. Simar says amar what is happening? Amar says come out of the house we have to save mohini.
They stop the car near mohini and kidnap both mohini and sunanda. Bhaardwaj family comes out as well. Amar says they have taken mohini and her mom with them. AMar says i am goin after them. Prem says i am coming with you, sujata says you can’t until we are done with the wedding. Sid says you stay here i will go. Sid and amar sit in the car and leave.

The family awaits them. Mata ji says why are they not back? Rajhinder says we can’t call them, we dont where and how they are. Mata ji says take care of sunanda and mohini God. Why people relate pooja with lives and all. What people get by doing this. SImar says amar and sid will bring them don’t worry. Roli says according to mohini she has an eye on us too. We have to protect ourselves as well. Khushi says i have heard when they are after someone they don’t leave them. I have an idea lets leave this house. Simar says calm down everything will be fine. Simar says it all depends on our thinking. Mata ji says you are right, if we all are united nothing will happen. Khushi says its about black magic. Uma says she must have powers. pari says how will we protect our kids. Mata ji says we just have to stay united. prem comes in, he is on call with sid. Rajhinder asks what sid says? Prem says they have reached the abduction place.

Sid and amar reach an old temple, they see men doing a weird pooja. Amar goes in, Sid stops him and says no don’t. Thakurain says what you thought you will be safe from me? Mohini says please have some mercy on us. Let us go. Thakurain laughs and says i am going to sacrifice your lives today, you will have to end today. Thakurain puts red marks on theirs foreheads. She makes them wear garlands. Sunanda and mohini cry for mercy. Thakurain says who should be killed first? mom or daughter? Sid and amar come there with cops. Inspector fires in air and says you can’t kill them. Thakurain says no one can stop me from killing them today. she is about to cut sunanda’s neck. Inspector shoots her, the men try to run. Sid amar and cops beat them down. Amar says to mohini are you fine? they release them.

Doorbell rings, prem opens the door. Its sid and amar along with mohini and sunanda. simar says are you okay? mohini nods. mata ji says come on. Amar says thakurain was about to sacrifice them. Sunanda says we will never forget your favor. SImar says its not a favor and we should thank God that you are fine. mata ji says that thaurain? sid says she is arested she is in hospital because of the fire. After that she will be in jail. Roli says this is such a good news. At least simar and prem’s wedding will happen with no problems now.

Roli says mata ji why you look worried? mata ji says my heart feels uneasy. I think if we do prem’s and simar’s wedding on our farm house it will be better, roli says its such a good idea. Everyone is glad about the idea. Sujata says we should get a pooja in the house. sunanda says that will save you from that witch as well. mata ji says you can join us as well. sunanda says no what will we do there? amar says you should come with us, you will feel better there. Sunanda says okay then. mata ji asks roli and sid to leave for farm house and get things ready there. roli says everything will be special.

Precap-Simar sees the black hand mark. mata ji says what are you doing simar? simar hits the black mark with rod.

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