Shastri Sisters 15th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raghav madly talking to Anu. Anu is just shocked seeing his mum. Raghav says I can’t live without my mum, I love my mum, I was very young when my dad died, my mum has given me dad and mum’s love together. He says one day he forgot about his dad, by her immense love. He talks to Anu as his mum, and Anu sees him producing his mum’s voice and talking on his mum’s behalf. He says his mum is very close to his heart. Anu is shocked by his madness and runs to washroom. She cries recalling her family and says she is feeling very scared. Raghav comes and asks is she fine, why is she taking so much time. She says I m fine. He asks her to come out soon.

She says I can’t lose like thus and have to find some way, that I can go out from here, but how, no one goes out, its just Raghav here. She says Raghav… I have to win his heart. I have to make him sure that he can trust me. She says she has to trap him in words and go out from here. Minty tries some necklaces on Devyaani and asks her not to be formal, they can change the necklace. Devyaani says I really like it. Minty asks her not to call her Minty, call me mummy ji. She gets sad and says Anu also used to call me mummy ji.

She says there are many things to do, mehendi preparations and all, so take Rajat along and go for shopping. Devyaani agrees. Minty smiles. Its morning, Devyaani and Rajat come to the shop. Devyaani says its same shop where you met Anu for the first time. Devyaani finds him sad. He says yes, you noticed now, but I noticed before and did not say. She says because I can feel bad, its nothing like that, I love Anu like you love her, the day you forget her, I will not like this. She says she loves Anu a lot.

Raghav sees the food and asks all this? Anu greets him and says she made breakfast for him, she has met his mum and her thoughts have changed, the man who loves his mum so much will keep his wife happy, you go to clinic and do so much work, so I thought to help you. He holds her hand and says so sweet. She asks can we go out, I mean I did not go out since many days. He gets angry and asks what does she want, clothes, jewelry, makeup.. She says no, I will ask when I need. He says perfect.

Alka gets Shastri ji’s call and says her meeting is over, she came to market and will leave on some time. Raghav says thanks for the good food, sit here, you wanted to go out right, we will go. Anu gets glad. He asks her to promise him that she will not try to go away from him. She says no, I promise I won’t go. He says lets go, come. Devyaani shows some sarees to Rajat. He gets a call and disconnects. She asks him to say, she has to know his choice. He gets the call again, and asks her to buy anything. He gets angry talking to someone, and says he was busy, he will call later, he is already worried. He turns and sees Devyaani.

She asks is he irritated with her. He says no way, why will I be irritated with you and lies to her. Anu thinks what to do, maybe Raghav won’t bring her out again, her hands are tied, what to do, I have to send him away. She says she wants to sit, she is tired. He says so soon, lets sit on the bench. Alka is present there. Raghav and Anu sit in the park bench. Anu sees Alka there and is shocked.

She gets glad to see Alka and thinks to reach her. Raghav talks to Anu, and smiles. Anu stays calm and kids’ ball come to her. The boy asks her to throw the ball. Raghav asks Anu to give them the ball without creating any scene. Anu takes the ball and throws at Alka. She wishes Alka sees her once. Alka sees the ball and looks around. Anu wishes Alka saves her. Alka does not see Anu. Anu says Alka Didi please… Raghav asks what did she say. Anu says nothing. He asks do you think I m mad, tell me what you said. She says nothing. He asks her to say, she has taken someone’s name, is she thinking to run. She says she has taken her sister’s name. He asks is she here.

She says I was just missing her. He asks her to come with him, they will go home. She asks why, we will sit for sometime. He says I don’t like weather, come and hurts her hand. Anu wishes Alka sees her and prays to Lord. Alka turns and sees Anu, being shocked. Anu leaves with Raghav in his car. Alka says Anu and runs after the car. The car leaves. Alka says did I really see Anu or not?

Fake Rajat comes to real Rajat and beats him. He asks his goons not to let real Rajat run. Rajat is shown in bad state and beaten up.

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