Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sandhya thinking its time to signal other officers to separate the coaches. She says I will just come and goes. Sooraj’s watch falls and he looks for it. Sandhya talks to Bharat and hides seeing Sooraj in their coach, and thinks the three coaches are going to be blasted. Sooraj looks for his watch there and keeps the tea at side. Bharat asks Sandhya where is she. Sandhya says Sir, Sooraj ji is here in our coach. Bharat asks what. Sandhya says maybe he got mistaken and boarded this coach. He asks her to come fast. She says she will first secure Sooraj. He says she is police officer right now, and has to think by mind. He says if she does not reach, the mission will fail and train will blast in 5mins.

Sandhya sees Sooraj’s watch. Bhabho worries for Sooraj and looks for him. Sandhya covers her face, and picks his watch. She gives him his watch. He takes the watch and looks at her. He thinks of her touch resembled Sandhya, but how can Sandhya be here. Zakir and other police officers are ready. Sandhya says everything will be as per plan. Zakir goes to separate the coaches. Bhabho looks for Sooraj. Zakir starts loosening the screw gauges between the coaches. He separates the coaches. Bhabho gets Sooraj and asks where was he. He says he got the tea. Bhabho sees Sandhya at the other side of the coach, in Bengali look. She is shocked. The coaches get separated. Bhabho calls out Sandhya beendini and the coaches go in the tunnel. Sandhya looks at Bhabho and Sooraj.

Himanshu asks whats happening, and Bharat beats him, saying your game is over. Bharat asks everyone to jump down the train. They all jump down the train in the river. The three coaches meet with a blast. The train accident is shown, and media covers the incident, and few men give their statements. Ambulance comes and fire station guys try putting off the fire. Bhabho and Sooraj come there and she tells him that she has seen Sandhya there, in Bengali saree. Sooraj says she is not there in train. Bhabho says it was Sandhya. Sooraj stops her, and asks her to come. He calls Sandhya and her number does not connect. He asks Bhabho not to worry. The police officers are relieved. Bharat says we have done it, mission mahabali is successful. He says its achievement and is glad. He says well done boys. Zakir thanks him.

Bharat says none of our officers died in the mission. Zakir says he did not see Sandhya. Bharat says she will be in other car. Sooraj calls Zakir and asks about Sandhya, and says about train accident, Bhabho and he were in same train. Zakir asks what, are you both fine. Sooraj says yes, Bhabho has seen Sandhya in that train and she is worried.

Sooraj says Sandhya’s phone is off, can you say where is she now. Zakir asks him to tell Bhabho not to worry, Sandhya is fine, she is on duty and sometimes we have to keep phone off during duty. Sooraj says yes, I understand, I will tell Bhabho. Zakir tells Bharat that Sooraj said Bhabho has seen Sandhya in the train. Sooraj tells Bhabho that Sandhya is on duty. We will go home. Bhabho worries and thinks she has seen Sandhya, and prays that she has seen wrong and Sandhya comes home safe. Zakir looks for Sandhya on all the cars, and does not find her. He panics and tells Bharat that Sandhya is not here. Bharat asks what, how can this happen. Zakir gets shocked and says I feel Sandhya did not come out of the river. Bharat says no, she is a good swimmer, and very brave, she will not sink, we will find her, go with some officers and inform me. Bharat worries for Sandhya.

Sooraj and Bhabho come home. Sooraj wait for Sandhya at the door. Everyone pacify Bhabho. Vikram says thank Lord, Sooraj and you came home. Meenakshi says she got relieved after Sooraj called and informed about their safety. Bhabho is tensed and asks Sooraj the time. She waits for Sandhya, and has eyes set at the door.

Sooraj tells everyone about Bhabho’s worry. He tells the family what happened in the train, he was finding his watch and a girl came to me and said your watch, I took my watch and Bhabho came there, the train met with the accident, and those coaches blasted infront of our eyes, if that girl did not give me the watch, I would be in that coach and died, but that girl was in that coach, don’t know what happened to her, I pray that she is fine. Someone knocks the door. Bhabho says Sandhya has come and runs to see at the door. They all go to see. Bhabho cries and everyone look on.

Zakir is at the river shore, and talks to Bharat. Bharat says Sandhya is good swimmer, she would have reached here if she jumped in river. Zakir says where are you Sandhya.

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