Reporters 15th July 2015 Written Episode

Kabeer as don bhadresh kutti with Ananya and Tinu reaches smuggler Sikandar’s den. Guard tries to check Ananya. Kabeer asks him not to touch girl and call lady guard. Sikandar interferes and lets them in. He tells filmy dialogues and even Kabeer starts his filmy dialogues.

Baby malhotra reads weather forecast perfectly. Manav taunts that he thought she would starts bollywood in between, but she did not.

Sikandar shows guns and armour to Kabeer. Ananya records everything from her hair clip camera. Sikandar’s filmy dialogues and Kabeer’s counter dialogues continue. sikandar asks what does he do. Bhadresh/kabeer says he does not do anything, his puppets do and he just collects money and orders armour. He is a big south indian don and after spreading his business there he came to Delhi to spread business in north india. Sikandar continues his dialogues that he can pay him in any corner of world and he will send his men there to collect it.

Inspector Khurana with his team gets tipoff from Kabeer and moves towards the spot to catch sikandar red-handedly. A local don surrounds sikandar’s men at gun point. their dialogues continue. Narcotic department assistant commissioner enters and asks how dare he is to do business without his permission. Kabeer identifies him and informs Ananya. Sikandar continues dialogues and holds local don on gunpoint. ACP holds Ananya at gunpoint then. Kabeer interferes then and asks him to leave Ananya, he will help ACP transfer all the armour to his jeep.

Just then, Khurana enters with his team and arrests everyone. ACP praises Khurana. Kabeer asks khurana if he is also with ACP. Khurana arrests even ACP. Kabeer tells Ananya i love you in tamil. Tinu takes her from there.

Ananya while having tea at roadside stall with Tinu realizes Bhadresh kutti is Kabeer and insists Tinu to take her to Bhadresh kutti. Tinu gets tensed. Ananya asks why did he take Kabeer’s side when he is her khabri since years. Tinu says they both look good together and prays for their long happy life.

Ananya thinks of getting her captured footage to KKN soon. Malvika asks Kabeer how can he think of relaying anything without any proof. Kabeer says calculated risk is need for success. Khalid asks where was he whole day. Kabeer says he went to meet his old boss Pandit as he is also employee and if he loses his job, he will join back panditji. Once he leaves, Khalid taunts Malvika that Kabeer trust Ananya a lot. She fumes and leaves.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: No precap.

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