Swaragini 15th July 2015 Written Episode

Swara comes outside in a bridal attire. Parineeta teases her. Durga Prasad asks Annapurna to do the rituals. Annapurna makes Swara wear the ancestral bangles and tells her that it is not just bangles but responsibility. She asks can you take care of all the responsibilities. Laksh says sure, and answers on her behalf. Parineeta says they ask Swara instead. Swara assures to take care of all the responsibilities. Durga Prasad smiles and says we shall leave now. Laksh waves bye to Swara, but she is in thinking and goes to room.

Sumi asks why did Swara didn’t say bye to Laksh. Ragini says she is practicing to be Marwadi bahu. She says she will spend as much time as possible with Swara. Dadi Praises Ragini to be very strong. Sanskar says he don’t have any option, but to dismiss his plan. Ragini says but why? You had a good chance to spoil her image infront of everyone. Sanskar says she might have ruined our plan, still we have 1 week and asks her to check with Swara. Ragini tries to enquire with Swara. Swara tells that she has realized that someone added drug in her food and water. She tells that man entered the room through window. Swara tries to recollect and a flashback is shown. Ragini gets tensed. She says didn’t you see his face. Swara says no. She asks when did you come inside home if that man was here? Ragini says nobody was here.

Evil Ragini hugs swara and says she is scared. Swara asks her to relax and asks where was I when you came to room? Ragini lies saying she was on bed. Swara looks for her phone and gets it. Ragini asks why it is needed? Swara says she kept the phone on recording, and sees it off. Ragini sees the battery and hides it. Swara sees battery in her hand and asks for it. Evil Ragini gives her battery. Swara switches on her phone and says it is dead. She sees water on phone and says may be phone is off because water went inside it. She says someone might have thrown my phone. She says she will get her phone repaired tomorrow. Ragini gets tensed. Swara says until you and Laksh are with me, I am sure that we will find the culprit.

Annapurna tells Laksh that she didn’t like Swara preponing their marriage date. Laksh says he has full faith on her. Ragini gets Laksh’s call and she didn’t tell Swara. She picks his call and talks innocently. He asks her to give call to Swara. Ragini agrees and puts call on loudspeaker. She speaks to Laksh as Swara. Laksh thinks he is talking to Swara, and speaks to Ragini. She asks if there is any secret? Laksh tells that he imagined her when he went to home. Ragini says she can do anything for him. We are going to spend our life together and will have babies too. Laksh asks her to stop talking about future. Dadi hears her and slaps her hard. Swara is shocked too. Laksh hears the noise and is shocked.

Laksh gets some proofs and says he shall talk to Swara about it. Ragini asks are you going to break off your relation with Swara. Laksh is surprised. Later Swara sits for her mehendi rituals, and Ragini sings the song.

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