Tere Sheher Mein 15th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sneha being happy that Pushpa did the puja on her behalf. Pushpa smiles. Rudra worries and looks at Kaushalya. The hospital staff guy sees Amaya and gets shocked. She says this is the girl who saved Gajanand’s life. Mukherjee asks Amaya how did she like the Banaras festival. She says its beautiful. Manish says its good Dev is not here, else he would have made us work. Amaya sees Mantu and smiles. Uma makes her jealous by holding Mantu. Jaz calls Amaya and Amaya says she has seen this puja for first time in life, and she enjoyed, how did mum come so soon.

Sneha says nothing big. Kaushalya says Sneha’s name was called and she was not allowed in puja, if Rishi was here, he would have made Sneha do the puja. He would have done big bidding and make Sneha do Rudra Abhishek. Amaya asks how can they do so. Sneha says calm down. The man announces about the Rudra Abhishek. The bidding starts and Amaya sits sad. Kaushalya thinks she knows Amaya will bid against Gajanand and they will fight. She asks Amaya to do bidding for Sneha, as Sneha was insulted. She says make Sneha do the Rudra Abhishek. Everyone does bidding. Kaushalya asks Amaya to think and do the bidding atleast for Rishi’s sake.

The bidding amount goes higher, and Gajanand says 21000rs. Rudra says its good if Gajanand does the Rudra Abhishek. Kaushalya asks Amaya to do something. Amaya gets thinking and Rudra stops bidding’s final call. He says kids have come to do dance and then they can continue with puja. Kaushalya signs Rudra and starts crying. Amaya asks her why is she crying. Kaushalya asks her to bid. The dance ends and bidding resumes. Amaya is about to bid, and Dev makes an entry. He says lakh, and everyone turn to see him. Sneha gets shaken seeing him. Sneha sits. Rachita asks is she fine. Sneha says I m just fine, and Rachita asks her to way. Dev stops the man from applying Bhagutii and asks him to apply on neck. Sneha recalls Rachita having same allergy. She hides her face. Dev greets Gajanand and passes some taunts to him. He says he has touched his feet and you should bless me, but anyways, your wish.

He asks him to bless Dinesh, as he needs the blessings, he is losing all contracts. Sneha asks Rachita to be with her and not go anywhere. Dev says even my employees have come here, leaving their jobs, they don’t care about the loss. Mantu tells Uma that he is his boss Dev. Dev says I want to end this work of Rudra Abhishek and go back soon. Gajanand says you preach just money and can’t understand this. Rachita asks Sneha who is he. Sneha says I don’t know. Dev argues with Gajanand, and taunts him. Gajanand scolds him and Dev says I have clapped. He asks Gajanand to bid for 2 lakhs if he wants.

Gajanand says Pushpa, let me show him his status. Pushpa says you can’t move off your ethics, its not about money, but belief in Lord. Gajanand says yes, she is right. Dev starts insulting him by taunting that he had respect before, but his son in law Rishi ruined it. Sneha cries. Amaya and sisters look on.

Gajanand says he has seen Sneha’s insult today. Dev realizes Sneha is here. Sneha sits hiding and cries..

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