Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th July 2015 Written Episode

Tolu/molu see all 3 cameras broken and show them to their family. Meera laughs at Kokila that she cannot blame her now she was with family and cannot break cameras. Kokila says maybe she came to know about cameras and broke before coming here. Meera starts shouting again. Kokila says she has CCTV camera footage with which they can see some part of hall. Meera starts alleging Pari that she must have tampered wires as she wrote her and Jigar’s name on swinger, but she silently changed it with Gopi and Ahem’s name and tampered wire to punish Gopi. Pari asks her to shut her filthy mouth and stop alleging her. Kokila as them both to shut their mouths.

Dhaval asks Kinjal to give pain balm. She asks why. He says Urmila got hand pain due to her tying her hands. Kinjal yells that urmila is acting. Urmila shouts in pain. Dhaval asks Kinjal why did she tie Urmila’s hands and troubled her. Kinjal shouts that Urmila is troubling her since she came to this house and even today she wanted to ruin her fast. Urmila comes out and asks what is happening. Kinjal starts yelling at her and curses that her house’s ceiling should leak. Just then rain starts and ceiling starts leaking. Kinjal further curses that this primitive house’s ceiling should break and ceiling breaks. Urmila is shocked to see that. Pappu comes out and says where will they stay now. Urmila says she will stay with Kokila.

Kokila with family checks CCTV footage and finds a shadow. She asks tolu to zoom in and he says he cannot further. Kokila says she will at any cost find out proof and asks family to search tape in whole house.

Urmila happily packs her bag and says she will enjoy with Kokila at her home. Kinjal asks her to not carry so many clothes as she will have to come back to this chawl after ceiling repairs and she will stay at Modi bhavan with pappu and Dhaval. Urmila gets worried and asks Dhaval not to go there as she cannot trust Kinjal. Dhaval says he will stay only with her and says they will stay somewhere else and he will inform sasuma/Kokila first about ceiling damage.

Modi family starts searching whole house. Meera shouts at Kokila that she will not find any proof against her. Kokila says she will and once she finds proof, she will hand her over to police and will not listen to her grandpa or papa.

Jigar finds broken tape in Rashi’s room and goes in to find out more proof. He finds glass pieces in her bag and a book in which it has warning about things to keep away from children including glass pieces, electricity, phenyl, etc. He reads further more and runs out to rescue Gopi.

Precap: Dhaval hurriedly asks Ahem where is Gopi as her life is at risk. Gopi is seen caught in fire and pleading Ahem to rescue him.

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