Sadda Haq 16th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Tania come in randhir’s room and blows a whistle, randhir starts wearing shirt. Tania says why are you hiding your body its not that bad. He says what are you here for? She says you are pathetic as bf. you have made sanyu cry. He says i don’t need you to tell me what i am. She says come to store room at 11 tonight, sanyu wil wait for you there. If you don’t then someone else will come there. There are many guys after sanyu.
She collides with parth, he holds her. Tania says thanks chocolate cake.

Tania calls someone and says is the room ready? I want everything to be perfect. Tania says to sanyu what are you wearing, this is so boring. She gives her a sari to wear.Sanyu comes out in a pink sari, tania does her makeup. Sanyu says i have never done this before. tania says you are boring, don’t be nervous do as i ask you. Randhir gets dressed, he asks parth will you come with me? Parth says where? randhir says on a bike ride. Parth says that late? randhir says i doesn’t have any time. Parth says some special place? Randhir says stop asking quetions or go back to room.
Tania sees them and asks parth where are you going? Parth says on a bike ride.She takes phone from him and says dont call randhir. Vid sees them and pretends to be faint. Parth runs to her and say i will take her to medical room. Vid winks at tania.

Sanyu sees randhir’s photo and says now you will know how important you are for me. Tania stops randhir. She says its emergency. Randhir says what? Tania says there? Randhir looks there, she takes his keys. tania says sanyu is waiting for you. Come with me. randhir says give me my keys back or.. tania says what? just follow me if you ever want your keys back.
Sanyu calls tania and says i am waiting here in room. tania decorates the store room. Tania comes back to room. sanyu says where were you? tania says how you tolerate him. He has so much attitude. True love. Now go to store room. She says to sanyu relax and make is the best date. I have placed a matterss there, you know in case. Sanyu says are you mad? Tania says i know what your desires are. sanyu says shut up.
Sanyu comes to store room and sees all the decorations. she says thank you tania for these arrangements. Randhri comes in and sees her. He comes close to sanyu and is about to kiss her. Tania comes in and says sorry, she says you are going too quick randhir. She says i just came here to give keys. Sanyu and randhit sit down. SAnyu wonders how will she show him the tattoo. Sanyu drinks the colddrink and finds it weird. Randhir says what happened? She says it taste weird. rAndhir says its not bad. They both drink. randhir says you were right. sanyu says i am always right. He says you look beautiful.

Vid comes in and says well try but hard luck. You hit on parth, i will win the bet. Tania is drinking and says have it, you won. vid says i dont want it. Tania says dont be shy. Vid says i drink when i want to. Sanyu says to randhir lets go out its raining. Tania says i am not going to enjoy with you in dark. You are hot melting cheese, who thinks about parth. We are made for each other. Vid says what the hell are you saying. Stay away from me. Vid runs out, tania laughs.

SAnyu whirls in ranin. She comes close to randhir.

No Precap.

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