Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ishita talking to Rinki, and being shocked that Mihir does not know about her. Rinki says please, I have headache. Ishita says I have to talk, and gets a call. Rinki says she does not have to talk and goes home. Raman talks to Pathak and asks him to keep papers ready. Ruhi says she wants to buy gifts for Eid for her friend. He asks her to have breakfast, Ishita will take her and Adi. She goes. He thinks he has to make them happy in his last time, and they will also celebrate this Eid. Mr. Bhalla and Appa wish for Eid to the neighbors, and ask them to celebrate Eid in their society, why to go so far. The couple leaves. Appa says why don’t we celebrate Eid in society. Mr. Bhalla agrees as festivals are to meet and share happiness.

Mihir talks to Rinki and she asks why did she not come to Bhalla house. He says we can’t run there for small problems, I had work and I came here, I slept here and changed in morning at home. He says he has paid electricity bills and got connection. She asks who got this pastries and flowers. He says he got it to celebrate a big contract with her, and she says congrats, I want a party. He says Raman will give party, Ishita called me and the society is keeping Eid party, we have to go.

The Eid function starts and everyone look cheerful, wishing and hugging. Ishita and kids are on the way. Ishita says everyone is ready. Ruhi says I will also take eidi from Papa. They are in market and a man stops them. He says he is ready, won’t she hug her. The goons laugh. Ishita says move off our way. They hold Ishita’s hand and she asks them to leave her hand. Salman’s entry is shown. Jai Jai Bajrang Bali……………..plays………….. Salman says great. Ishita and everyone get surprised seeing him.

They say Salman Bhai, Bajrangi Bhaijaan… and get tensed. Salman scolds the men and kids laugh. Salman asks the goons to leave them. They apologize and leave. Ishita and kids are very happy to meet him. She says you came to save me. Salman says I did not have any other work, shall I drop you home, before anyone else teases you. Ishita asks you will drop us… The kids invite Salman in Eid party. Ishita says everyone will be happy, please come. Salman agrees and says he has come to Delhi for promotion of my movie, there is a little girl like Ruhi. Ishita says she has seen trailer of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Selfie le le re………..plays………..

Raman and Romi are arm wrestling. Everyone cheer for them. Raman wins and asks is anyone else there. He challenges that he will fail anyone who comes next by the door. They all keep eyes on the door. Salman enters with Ishita and kids. They all get shocked. Raman coughs. Ishita asks Salman to get married. Mrs. Bhalla wish him happy eid. Raman hugs Salman and everyone greet him. Ruhi introduces everyone. Mrs. Bhalla says she is very lucky to see the big moon Salman. Romi tells Salman that Raman said he will win over anyone who comes by the door, and asks Salman to do arm wrestling with Raman.

Salman shows his biceps and they clap. Ruhi says yes. Raman gets worried. Salman and Raman have the panjaa fight. Ruhi sees Raman losing and gets sad. Salman notices her face, and makes Raman win. Ruhi smiles and cheers for Raman. Raman looks on and is puzzled seeing Salman pulling Raman’s hand and losing intentionally. Salman says I lost. Ishita gets shocked. Raman says you lost intentionally. Salman says no, you are Ruhi’s strong dad. Raman says you are the hero.

Salman says this is beautiful family. Mrs. Bhalla says thanks, our celebration got doubled, thanks for coming. Everyone dance with Salman on the song Aaj ki party meri taraf se……………..They all enjoy.

Raman says he will appoint Mihir, as he works for me. Rinki’s friend talk to her, and says Mihir is not any entrepreneur, the fact is Mihir talks under Raman. Rinki argues with Ishita for talking with authority. Raman looks on.


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