Reporters 16th July 2015 Written Episode

Richa taunts Ananya that she used to tell everything earlier, but now has changed and does not even talk properly. Ananya asks what happened today. She says Ronnie is worried for her in cafeteria. Ananya thanks her for being in her friend and continues buttering. Richa asks her to stop buttering and go and attend ronnie. She goes to cafteria and sees ronnie drinking coffee. She says he must have drunk 4-5 cups coffee by now and soon will start drinking alcohol. He asks where is she and what happened to her phone. She says battery is dead. He asks her to come now and get him footage.

Kabeer gets ready for his news reporting. Baby enters and starts buttering him. He silently sends her out with his witty words. Malvika then enters and starts badmouthing about Ananya. He says she is mature and deserves much better in life, so she should grow up now. Malvika fumes.

Ananya gets her sting operation footage and loads in a camera. Malvika silently steals it with Manav’s helping after provoking him.

Kabeer starts his news and describes how an ACP is involved in arms mafia. ronnie asks Ananya to bring footage, but she does not find it. Malvika informs Ronnie that Ananya lost footage. Ronnie informs Kabeer. Kabeer is shocked and takes a news break.

Khalid sees long break and asks Manav the reason. Manav says Ananya lost TV footage and taunts that Kabeer blindly trusting his new found love Ananya and taunts that KKN’s future is in their hands now and soon TRP ratings will falls and KL will now what mistake he did. Khalid says if he will know there is a foul play, he will not spare anyone.

Kabeer restarts news after break and says due to govt’s order, he cannot show footage and just can say arms are smuggled from Afghanistan via gujrath and rajasthan border and ends news.

Malvika in her cabin looks at Ananya’s footage stolen by her and keeps it in her pocket thinking she will get Kabeer soon and Ananya will be out.

Kabeer gives ends of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: No precap today.

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