Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap 16th July 2015 Written Episode

Chakrapani has shifted Ajabde and Pratap to the cart. Rawat ji tells him to take them safely to Udaipur to where Rana ji is. Jaimal ji adds that they are giving him a responsibility of Rajputana. You will have to take them out in your bullock cart. We will do Saka tomorrow morning. Everyone will get ready for it. we will open the gates and go out. you will be in the end. You will reach be a little far off by the time we get in a real fight with the Mughals. We will also deploy some shooters so you can reach there safely. Chetak will be there only. You will cross over safely and take Pratap and Ajabde to Udaipur. Chakrapani nods. Patta requests him to take care of Pratap and his jija. Chakrapani assures him that he wont let anything happen to them. They all say Jai Ekling ji in unison emotionally.

Pratap and Ajabde are still unconscious.

Dodhiya ji is sad that he dint leave his wife with their son. You would have been alive then. She doesn’t mind it as long as she is with him. I am proud of you. All the wives do tilak of their brave husbands. Dodhiya ji recalls the churma that his wife makes. I will fight after a while but I will eat it first. All the husbands are actually feeling stronger after seeing the courage in their wives’ eyes. Jaimal ji is missing his elder son. His wife assures him that their son is perfectly fine in Haldi ghaati. Mughals wont be able to reach there. Our son will follow in Pratap’s footsteps too. He too will join the army. He reminds her that she is the wife of the chief commander. She should not cry. You only have to lead the ladies for Jauhar. She says these tears are of a wife and a mother. I am ready for my responsibility. Rawat ji’s wife shares that she is very proud to have him as her husband. I want to be your wife in all the births. He says the couples who live and die together cannot ask for anything more. She nods. It is indeed a proud thing for me. I will be always with you during the war. They share a hug. He tells her that he will only look for her in the end moment in case anything happens to him. She has faith that nothing will happen to him. He tells her to go to the other ladies. You are the inspiration for everyone. Encourage them all. She nods.

Patta’s mother is also proud to have a son like him. I have given birth to a son who is about to write a new chapter in the history. World will remember it for forever. His wife too comes there dressed as a soldier. Patta is confused. His mother explains that they too know how to use swords. We women too will show those Mughals what we are capable of! She does tilak of her son and DIL. Patta is amazed that his wife too knows how to use sword. You never told me about it. She replies that he never gave her the chance. Patta’s mother too will be fighting from inside. He proudly gives his wife his sword. She assures him that she wont let him down. I wont let any Mughal enter inside Mughal from where I am standing. I wont even think before sacrificing my life for it. He tells her that he is very proud of have her as his wife. They say Jai Ekling ji.

The ladies come from all the corners saying Jai Bhavani in unison. They are in two groups – the ones who will be fighting for their motherland and the others who will do Jauhar. They both go their separate ways. Mughals overhear the commotion. Akbar is confused.

The commanders are all set to fight. Rawat ji advises everyone to kill as many Mughals as they can. We have to stop them from entering inside the fort till the last breath. The innocent citizens are inside. They wont spare them if they get access to the fort. We have to fight for as long as we can. Ishar Das ji says these Mughals have been trying since last 4months. We wont let them succeed. Everyone is motivated to fight the war.

Jaimal ji appoints everyone as to which gate they will be guarding along with their set of troops. We wont let those Mughals enter inside the fort. Jaimal ji chants a mantra before they all head towards their respective gates.

24 February 1568:
Mughals are confused as they hear all the different voices coming out from the fort. Akbar thinks that the day has finally come when Chittor will be under his reign.

Precap: The ladies do Jauhar. A few Mughal soldiers stop Chakrapani. They check the cart and are happy to see Pratap and Ajabde lying unconscious inside.

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