Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th July 2015 Written Episode

Gopi asks Ahem if he is fine now. He says he is fine. Meera comes and says she is going out. Ahem says she cannot go out at this time. She says she tired of his family’s taunts and is informing him that she is going on a walk and not taking permission.

Gopi hears Rashi’s sound from car garage and goes there. She hears Rashi’s sound behind car to save her, goes near car, and sees voice recorder instead. Someone then locks garage door from outside, throws petrol inside and sets fire. Gopi is shocked to see it is Rashi.

Jigar finds Rashi’s book in which she has written all ways to kill a person and sees phenyl bottle and broken glass in her bag. He runs to Gopi’s room knowing Rashi will harm her now but does not find Gopi in room and Ahem is in washroom. He then goes to hall and calls whole family and asks where is Gopi. Kokila asks what happened. He asks Ahem where is Gopi. Ahem says she went with Meera as she wanted to go on walk. They all then hear Gopi pleading Ahem to save her and run towards garage.

Meera hears Gopi’s voice and sees her entrapped between fire in garage. She tries to jump in via door, but Rashi holds her legs. She pushes her and gets in. Whole family sees match box in Meera’s hand and think she is the culprit. Meera then rescues Gopi by getting her into car and driving out.

Kokila starts alleging Meera that she tried to kill Gopi and with he continued yelling tries to slap her. Jigar holds her hand and says Meera did not do anything. Kokila shouts who did it then. He says Rashi did it. Kokila with her high-pitched usual shouting says she cannot believe it. Gopi says Jigar is right and Rashi is culprit this time. Rashi agrees that she tried to kill Gopi and reading her science book’s chapters and tried to kill her many times, but Gopi escaped. Jigar shows Rashi’s book to Kokila and says how she used it to harm Gopi. Kokila is shocked.

Precap: Pari says she has taken a decision and whole family should accept it, Rashi has to go from this house.

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