Shastri Sisters 17th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raghav lighting the candles and arranging a dinner date for Anu. Anu comes there wearing the dress he gifted. He smiles seeing her. She asks whats all this. He says it’s a lovely surprise for my lovely Anu, we will have dinner in lawn, candle light and romance, do you have any problem. She asks why will I have problem, but all this suddenly…. He says whatever magical things happen in life is sudden, like I met you suddenly and fell in love with you, and today its our relation will go a step high. He plays music and looks at her. He holds her hand and dances. Mujhse hi aaj mujhko milaade………….plays…………… He sits on his knees and proposes her for marriage. She refuses and he looks at her. Anu gets uncomfortable.

Rajat lands at some place and some house is guarded by armed men. Rajat goes inside and sees someone. He switches on the lighs and his real greeny eyes are shown. It turns out that actual Rajat is tied there and beaten up by the goons, whereas the fake Rajat is the one who has caught up real Rajat and tortured him. The goon says sorry boss, I called you as he was trying to run again. Fake Rajat gets angry and beats Rajat a lot. He holds him and says till our mission ends, you can’t run from here, if you try, you will be beaten up, ask the goons to give him dose, beat him so that he does not wish to run again, till he gives defense info, he can’t go off our hands.

He tells Rajat that he has a news for him, he can regard it good news, his wife Anu, who died one year ago by fall, maybe she is alive, she is really airforce officer wife, I have thrown her from the cliff and she is still alive, really great, but its not confirmed, don’t get happy, if she is alive, I will find her and kill her. Rajat screams and his mouth is shut by the cloth. Fake Rajat says this is imp for me, that I conceal my real identity and live as Rajat Sareen, if your wife comes back, this will be tough, I have to kill her to keep things easy. Fake Rajat asks the goons not to have on Rajat and beats him. He leaves.

Raghav asks Anu why is she so quiet, why is she not talking, she does not love him, and starts crying. Just his mum loves him and asks him to understand. She sees a knife and hides. She goes to him and asks why is he saying so, if he doubts on her love, then she will also doubt that he loves her or not… He says don’t say this, I understand. She says I m sorry. He asks why did she say no to him for marriage. She says she was thinking about her family, she has seen her sister in park, and she wasn’t looking sad knowing I m dead. She says I have seen pain in your face than them, so I was thinking who are my loved ones, you or them. He says I m the one. She says even I feel the same, I like you.

She says if she marries her, what about her family, its no use to think, if she goes back, they won’t care. He says exactly, whenever you wanted to go away, I wished to kill you. She says that won’t be needed, as I want to marry you. He smiles and kisses her hands. He thanks her and says she is most beautiful angel of the world, he will marry her in 3 days and they will unite in relation to stay together forever. He says I love you Anu and hugs her.

Its night, Anu is locked in the room and tries to break the door lock. She asks Lord to help her, don’t know what will Raghav do with her. She fails to break the lock and sits crying. Fake Rajat hugs Sareen. Sareen and Minty ask him to be careful and remind that Devyaani is also his responsibility. Fake Rajat says I know mum, but one responsibility is incomplete, I will go to Aligarh and know about Anu, if Anu is back, it will be good, else I will marry Devyaani. Minty gives him tiffin and asks him to have it. Rajat leaves giving an evil smile.

Anu wakes up. The maid cleans the room and sweeps while singing. Anu hears her and makes noise. The maid hears the sound and sees the cupboard. She gets tensed and says Raghav is mad, if I do anything, he will shut me here too. Anu asks for help, and asks her to bring her out, I will not let anything happen to you, my husband is in airforce, I want to go back to my husband, please. The maid leaves. Anu cries. The maid comes back and opens the cupboard. She gets shocked seeing Anu in bad state.

Rajat tells the family that Anu is not alive, it would have been unfair if Anu was alive, the proof is this death certificate, and Devyaani has the answer of my question, will you marry me…. Everyone look on.

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