Jamai Raja 17th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Roshni thinking about DD’s words and gets sad. Sid tries to cheer her up and asks to eat food. He says it is enough of sadness in our life, and tries to make her eat. Misha comes and throws the plate asking Sid how can he make aaya eat the food with his eat. Sid asks her to stop it and says he was about to bring food for her also. He asks her to learn behavior first and asks her to go to room. Roshni tells Sid that he shouldn’t have done this. Sid says he can’t bear her insult and says Misha always ill treats her. He goes to get food for her.

The Lawyer talks to DD and says the proofs have turned the case to other side. We have to collect more proofs. The courtroom is shown, the judge grants bail to Krutika, just then DD comes there and stops his judgement asking him to see the proofs which they brought in the court. The opposition lawyer shows the earrings which they got it in Shiv’s hands. Krutika tells judge that the earrings are not hers. The judge checks the other earrings and cancels the bail plea. He says bail is denied. Krutika asks Sid to believe her and says this proof is false. DD tells that she won’t let Krutika go free so easily. She determines to get her husband’s murderer punished and says your sister will be rotten in jail for sure. Sid looks on.

Later Sid and Roshni meet Krutika. Krutika tells them that someone tried to trap her in the case and says the killer might be very dangerous. She says a killer always clear the proofs. She apologizes to Roshni for her bad behavior towards her. Sid says Krutika is right, and the killer will never keep the proofs with them. Roshni enquires with Yash and comes to know that someone sent the other earring to DD with a letter. Yash asks her not to worry and says he will try to find other proof. Sam comes and claps saying you are ready to hear Roshni’s side of story. Roshni asks her to stop it and says she came to meet Yash as he is her friend. Sam says it is enough and says she knows better what is in Yash’s heart for her. She says you might come closer to Yash as Sid got engaged to someone else. Yash tries to slap her, but Roshni stops him saying Sam is her sister. Yash says she should understand that you are her sister. Sam says if she gives him a choice to choose between Roshni and her, then he will choose Roshni. Yash gets angry. Yash apologizes. Roshni appreciates Yash for supporting DD and leaves.

Beeji asks someone to keep door and windows closed when Roshni is at home. Misha hears her and thinks to do something. DD and Kesar are outside. Someone throws a paper with a message. DD and Kesar sit in the car. Simran apologizes to Rosni and says she couldn’t welcome her properly. DD comes and greets Beeji. She says Roshni changed her mum so fast, and says it is said that no one can take a mum’s place. She says someone sent this message. Sid reads the message that Roshni isn’t safe in Khurana’s house. Raj says your daughter is my daughter too, and she is safe here. DD says Shiv was her father. Sid asks DD to believe him. Misha thinks DD should take Roshni and leave from here. DD calls the bodyguards and says they will protect her. She says she cares for Roshni being a mum and asks her to take care. Misha thinks to do something else, as DD has ruined her plan.

DD tells Sid that their new relation have developed and it is enmity relation. Sid and DD looks on.

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