Swaragini 17th July 2015 Written Episode

Dadi comes and asks Ragini and Swara to sleep else people will taunt her seeing their faces. Next day, Swara sits for her mehendi ritual. Parineeta teases Swara taking Laksh’s name. Annapurna gives shagun mehendi to Dadi. Dadi asks her to apply mehendi on Swara’s hand. Swara touches their feet and take blessings from them. Annapurna applies mehendi on Swara’s hand. Sujata smirks. Annapurna asks for Ragini and she comes. Everyone smile looking at her. Ragini takes Annapurna and Sujata’s blessings. Annapurna compliments her beauty. Sujata says this beauty will go to other’s home. She says Ragini is looking more beautiful than Swara. Ragini smiles and says no one can look beautiful than swara today.

Ragini takes selfie with Swara. She says she will apply mehendi on her hand. Their friends say that Ragini has confused everyone as she is looking like a bride. Ragini laughs. Swara says she will apply mehendi to Ragini on her marriage day and her groom will be more good than Laksh. Ragini asks will you snatch him also from me. Swara is shocked and says sorry. Ragini says she was just joking and applies mehendi on Swara’s hand. Mehendi Hai Rach ne Wali plays……Ragini dances and sings the song. Dadi looks on happily. Ragini sees someone writing Laksh’s initial on Swara’s hand and gets angry. Sumi asks Swara, are you happy? Swara says she is very happy, but her mehendi will be incomplete until Dida sees it.

She goes to Dida and asks her to wake up. Ragini brings her dress and says your inlaws’ have sent it. Swara asks Ragini to dial Laksh’s number. Ragini says Laksh’s call is not connecting and asks her to talk later. Just then Laksh calls her and Swara takes the call. Swara asks Laksh what he wants to say. Laksh is about to say, but Ragini doesn’t let her talk saying Dadi is calling them. Swara says she didn’t hear Dadi’s voice. Ragini makes an excuse and takes her phone. Dida hears them and moves her finger. Swara is still in thinking.

Ragini calls the repair shop and gets to know that Swara’s phone is repaired. She messages Sanskar to collect Swara’s phone, and says they will meet in the evening.

Everyone come to Laksh’s house for Swara and Laksh’s sangeet. They greet each other. Swara and Laksh try to speak to each other, but are interrupted by Parineeta. Dadi tells Annapurna that Swara will get ready here, and sends Ragini with her. Sanskar as a repair shop owner talks to Swara on Ragini’s number and asks her to collect phone from the shop. He insists her to take the phone today itself. Swara says she will come. Ragini asks how can you go? Swara asks her to call Laksh, and says she will inform him before leaving. Ragini says okay and goes.

Laksh is busy attending the guests. Evil Ragini comes to Laksh and says hi. Laksh asks where is Swara? Ragini asks him to have patience. She comes to Swara and says Laksh is busy. She asks her to go tomorrow and then says you can wait. Swara says she can’t wait and wonders what to do. Swara tells her that she will come back soon and asks Ragini to handle everything. Evil and worst Ragini closes the door and takes the bridal’s dress with her madness. She says Laksh is mine and will be mine only. I loved him truly.

Evil and Psycho Ragini wears Swara’s bridal clothes and jewellery and then calls Laksh informong him that Swara is not in the room. Sumi sees Swara coming home and is shocked.

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