Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bharat telling Sandhya that her failure will make many people win, the women will not turn widow and kids will not get orphan, she is fighting for many people, she can’t turn weak, as war has just begun, mission Mahabali started now, Sagarika Das is still alive, make your tears your strength and ruin Garjana Sanghatan. A leap of three months takes place. Bhabho does tulsi puja and is sad. Everyone in the family are sad. Mohit is back in Rathi house and scolds the newspapers man, asking him not to throw papers in their house.

Daisa comes to them with some ladies and talks to Bhabho. She says Bhabho is still mourning, after three months, I know its tough if any loved one dies, but till when, Sandhya has died, but look for the ones who are alive. Sandhya says yes, you said right, after the puja, my family will resume living life. Daisa asks Emily why is she grinding chutney on Chakki, why not on Sandhya’s bought grinder. Bhabho says when person can go, why can’t the machine. Daisa says so machine got damaged. Bhabho is sad. Daisa says she will go now, and leaves with the ladies.

Meenakshi gives tea to Babasa and Bhabho. She gives money to her, and says its 40000rs. Bhabho asks about shop earnings. Meenakshi says she can’t lie to her. Vikram comes home and Bhabho keeps money under her hand. She asks Vikram to sit, and have tea. She asks about his shop earnings. He looks at Meenakshi, and she signs four. Bhabho sees Meenakshi signing him, and asks Vikram again. Vikram says 50000rs. Bhabho says it means Meenakshi lied, and its 55000rs. Vikram says yes 55000s, maybe Meenakshi did mistake in accounts.

Bhabho says its not good to be mad in wife’s love, I can’t bear this, don’t dare to cheat me, else I will send Meenakshi to her Maayka. Meenakshi apologizes. Sandhya comes in a temple as Sagarika Das and does the Bengali puja. She recalls Bharat saying about Garjana Sanghatan, they are dangerous people and they stay in jungle, who are against their govt, they are very clever. He tells his plan about sending her to temple and then leaking the news of Sagarika Das visiting the temple, and then they will fall in their plan. He says we can’t attack them directly and we have to be careful to tackle this by this plan, I m just warning you, no officer survived who went to tackle them, your one mistake can be last mistake of your life and this mission, so just be careful. She cries thinking about Sooraj and prays to Lord to save her family.

Garjana Sanghatan is shown, where few men are trained for shooting. The head asks the man to shoot, and says this is your aim, its your enemy, just shoot or die. The man shoots at the pot. The head says Himanshu got the money and it went with his death, we don’t have anything now. A man comes to them and talk to the group. They come to know that police is taking Sagarika Das spotted at the temple, and they will interrogate her. The head is shocked that Sagarika is alive, but she was with Himanshu in train accident, how did she come back after being missing.

Another man says let police take her, why do we care. The head says she is Himanshu’s fiancee, don’t know what she knows about Himanshu, she can tell police, where is she now. The man says she is in Durga temple, she went there to do puja for her dad’s peace. The head says they will get Sagarika before police gets her, and they will question her. The man says there is police security. The head says let it be, Garjana’s one man is enough.

Sandhya is doing puja, and a man comes there, applying holi to his face and tying red cloth to his forehead to conceal his face.

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