Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhruv telling everyone that the rings are his feelings, when they wear the ring, he will get all relations. He tells them to wear rings and accept him, and then Thapki will accept him, else he will go from here silently. Thapki cries seeing him. Shubh wears a ring and asks Dhruv to become his Jiju. He hugs Dhruv. Aditi smiles and wears the ring, saying their family got completed by Dhruv, welcome to family Jiju. Krishnakant says his daughter’s tears are burden for him, he can’t bear it and shows that he accepts Dhruv. He asks Dhruv to promise he will keep Thapki happy. Dhruv says I did this promise to myself before, and promises him. He says you will just have pride for me, that I see for Thapki in your eyes. Krishnakant blesses and hugs him.

Poonam says he spoke about giving happiness to Thapki. Krishnakant says we don’t want to ….. Dhruv says that Thapki takes decision in pressure. He says he wants Thapki to decide without any pressure and shows her the rings. He says he respects her and her feelings, so if her decision is no, he will respect it. Thapki cries. Poonam asks Thapki to end her fears. Thapki says I can’t wear this ring. They all get shocked and cry.

Thapki says if she wears it now, then what will I wear in engagement. Dhruv and everyone get surprised and smile. Dhruv and Thapki have a talk. She apologizes for hurting her. He says maybe I have done the same for my family. She thanks him for respecting her family. He says our family, now its my family now, no need to thank. They smile. She sees the rose plant and holds her hand. She says she will make him meet her best friend, and shows the roses plant.

She says this was lonely and afraid like her, and she talks to the plant, she got friendly with it. Dhruv sits with her and talks to her, smiling at her goodness. He says he will never let the plant turn weak, as he will not let any trouble come in her life. Mere bina mai………….plays……….. He says we will become good friends before becoming husband and wife. She smiles. He gives his hand and proposes friendship. She holds his hand. They smile. She says good night, and he says we will meet tomorrow. She stops him and says Thapki has completed today with you. He smiles.

Thapki comes inside the home smiling and Aditi teases her. Thapki says stop it. Poonam and Krishnakant praise Dhruv. Aditi says Dhruv is real life hero. Shubh says I will become like Dhruv. Aditi says yes, but lose weight. They laugh. Shubh says I m fine like this, I can’t diet. Krishnakant says I m not worried about Thapki now. Aditi tells Thapki that she will be happy with Dhruv. Thapki gets Sakshi’s call and talks to her. Sakshi asks her to come office and scolds her. Thapki says I did all reports ready, I kept in office. Sakshi says thanks for telling me, tell me where you kept it. Thapki says I will come tomorrow. Sakshi gets angry and asks her to come right now and handover the files. Thapki says I will come. She tells Poonam that she has to go office, she has to give reports to Sakshi. She leaves.

Thapki comes to office and gives reports to Sakshi. Thapki smiles seeing Dhruv and Vasundara’s pics. Sakshi sees this and scolds Thapki that Vasundara hates everything that gets stuck and works. She says how is she bearing you and your stammering, I just don’t understand this. Thapki is shocked.

Thapki cries and says I have to tell Vasundara the truth. She goes to Vasundara and says she stammers while talking. Vasundara gets shocked. Suman and Rachna look on.

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