Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th July 2015 Written Episode

Pari confronts Rashi and tells she is a criminal like her mom. Kokila asks her to stop scolding Rashi as she brought up Rashi and is at mistake. Pari says she is not at mistake as she brought her up well, but Radha’s dirty blood made Rashi a criminal. Kokila asks her again to stop and asks Vidya to take Rashi to her room. Pari says she will not and stops Vidya. Gopi interferes and sends Rashi with Vidya. She asks Pari if she has gone mad that she is scolding a small kid. Pari says Gopi that she tried to kill her many times and with Radha’s dirty blood she will not change, so she has to go from this house. Jigar is shocked and asks how can she do that to a small kid. Pari says it may be difficult for all, but not her. She herself will throw Rashi out of this house.

Rashi in her room asks Vidya if her real mom was a criminal as Pari told. Vidya nods no. Pari walks forcefully into her room, holds her hand, and drags till main door. Tolu/molu and Jigar stand in front of her. Kokila pleads her to forgive Rashi and leave her. Whole family pleads to calm down and leave rashi. Pari says either she will stay here or Rashi in this house. Jigar says it is very difficult for him to choose between her and Rashi. Pari says it is difficult for him, but not her. Gopi asks her to give Rashi one chance. Pari says even if she gives 1000 chances, she will not change as she has Radha’s dirty blood in her. Kokila says she has even Jigar’s blood. Pari says for her, she has only Radha’s blood and tries to walk. Gopi stops her and asks her to mind her tongue. Pari asks when she did not stop killing her own sister, how will she shut her mouth. Gopi says she killed Radha as she wanted to kill small Rashi and she did not have any other go. Her sin will be with her whole life, but she does not care. Pari says whatever she says, she will not tolerate this dirty blood here. Gopi shouts that she is insulting even her as Radha was her sister and was illogical, Rashi is brought up by Kokila and will change. She will accept Rashi as her daughter. Pari says she may accept Rashi, but she will not and will not let her inside this house. Tolu stops her and says she cannot send Rashi out like this. Pari asks Jigar to stop them. Molu says he kept quiet 10 years ago, so Kokila and Rashi had to leave this house, but now he has to speak up. Jigar shouts at Pari to leave Rashi’s hand.

Gopi says Pari that she can understand Rashi’s condition, but she is not understanding that children see through their parent’s eyes and it is parent’s duty to show them difference between right and wrong. She pleads to accept Rashi. Pari says she will not accept Rashi at any time and says when she came to this house, she did not know anything and Gopi taught her everything. She accepted Tolu/molu as her own children, but everyone rejected her for an outside girl. She served this house since marriage, but nobody cares about her and she just an identity as Jigar modi’s wife, she will get her identity today at any cost.

She drags Jigar to temple and asks him to promise to give whatever she says. He asks what childishness is this. She says he has to promise her. Gopi finds Rashi missing and walks towards her room. They see Rashi locking herself inside her room. Whole family walks behind her. Jigar says Ahem they should break door. Gopi says if they break door, Rashi will panic more. She pleads rashi to open door. Kokila also pleads. Gopi says if she is egoistic, they all are egoistic and will not go until she opens door. Meera thinks their drama will continue whole night, so it is better she goes and sleep. She walks towards her room silently.

Kokila comments that her golu/polu is very good. Rashi says she is bad as her mother and tried to kill gopi, so they all are angry on her. Gopi says she is not angry on her and tells hiranya kashyap and prahlad’s story. She continues pleading to listen to her mom and come out.

Precap: Pari asks Jigar she needs a promise from him. He asks what she needs. She says she needs her own child.

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