Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sakshi telling Thapki that Vasundara hates people who stammer, the day she realizes your stammering, she will kick you out, get lost and stay in limits. Thapki recalls Vasundara and thinks she has never spoken to Vasundara till now. She realizes it and says aunty did not hear me stammering till now. She says it means she does not know about my weakness. She thinks to tell Vasundara before she gets married to Dhruv.

Dadi talks to Vasundara and scolds her, for doing Dhruv’s relation done without asking her. Vasundara says I came to ask, and you were worried for insects. Bau ji comes and takes Vasundara’s side. Dadi scolds him too. He asks her to have medicines. Vasundara says your BP can increase and you can get heart attack. Dadi worries and eats medicines. Vasundara says its good girl, her name is Vaani, and everyone call her Thapki, its good family, she is perfect for us, you will like her. Dadi asks what if I don’t like, you are saying as if you will break relation if I don’t like her.

Vasundara says fine, I will break it if you don’t like Thapki. She leaves. Bihaan’s friend Paan talks to the servant. Vasundara is calling the card maker and Paan tells her that Bihaan has beaten that man. She gets angry and goes to Bihaan. She scolds him for beating the man, and asks him the reason. Bihaan says don’t worry. She asks him to shut up, and scolds him. She says if Dhruv’s name gets spoiled, then Bihaan would lose right to call him mum. Paan says listen to me. Bihaan asks him to wait. She leaves. Paan asks Bihaan why did he not tell mum that you are saving Dhruv’s name. Bihaan says she is my mum, I can eve give my life if she asks and cries. He sees her pic and says I m lucky that she scolded me, she loves me, if I told her the truth, she would have regretted, and no one can hurt her in this world. Paan smiles.

Vasundara goes to servant and scolds him in anger. Bau ji comes to her and she tells what Bihaan did, he has spoiled everything. Bau ji defends Bihaan and says there will be some reason that Bihaan punished the man. She asks him to support Bihaan and make him more spoilt. She says control him, else don’t know what he will do. She says she is tensed and scared. He laughs. She says I m feeling something bad will happen. He asks her not to think that. He says its superstitions, and Dhruv got Thapki, it’s the best thing.

She says Dhruv is getting married and wishes he stays safe and also for Thapki. Sakshi sees the award and tells Vivek that Dhruv will announce best employee of the year, and I will get this, I got the award for 4 years and even this year…. He says it will be Thapki, as she is close to Dhruv. She gets angry thinking about Dhruv and Thapki. She gets against Thapki.

Bihaan brings the cards and gives Vasundara. She apologizes to him. He gets glad and asks her not to say sorry, he gets hurt by her sorry. He says you can beat me, but don’t get sad, I regard you more than Lord. She smiles and sees the cards. She says she likes this one and gives him.

Its night, Suman and Rachna are outside Vasundara’s room and bring the insect they caught. They drop it there and fall down. They miss to get the insect back and get tensed that Vasundara will not leave them.

Thapki comes to meet Vasundara and greets Suman and Rachna, while they are finding the insect. They get tensed as Thapki holds them. They say Vasundara is their problem, they mean Vasundara can’t meet Thapki now, and asks her to leave. Thapki says fine and starts leacing. Vasundara comes there and stops Thapki. She asks Thapki to come. Thapki walks to her and recalls Sakshi’s words. She tells Vasundara about her stammering.

Thapki tells Vasundara that she will leave if Vasundara does not bless her, and if her answer is yes, Vasundara can bless her. She sits to touch her feet. Suman and Rachna look on thinking will Vasundara agree. Thapki sits hoping that Vasundara blesses her. Vasundara blesses Thapki, and Thapki smiles. Thapki asks her to become her bahu and come home soon. Thapki thanks her and says I just had to tell this weakness to you, now I don’t have any burden on my heart. She leaves wiping her tears. Vasundara stops her and says you have come her as my to be bahu for the first time, will you not meet Dhruv, he will be glad seeing you here. She says she would have made Dadi meet her too, but Dadi has gone to temple. She asks Suman and Rachna to make sweets and sends them. Thapki smiles and goes to meet Dhruv.

Thapki recalls Dhruv and smiles. Mere bina mai………….plays…………. She recalls his words and goodness. Dhruv is in his vest and she turns. He quickly wears his coat and asks you here, was there any work. She says no, I just came, I will come later. He says you can turn now, he has worn clothes. She says no, please. He holds her and makes her turn. He smiles seeing her eyes closed. He says you can see me now. She opens her eyes and looks at him. He asks her to come. She says thanks Sir. He asks how long will he call him Sir, will she call him Sir even after marriage. She says yes Sir. He says what, I have just one head.

He says bad joke, I have bad sense of humor. She says I m sorry Sir. He stops her saying and asks him to call him Dhruv. She says you are elder. He says I m not any oldie, it will feel like office at home, think. She says fine Sir. He holds her and asks her to try, he will feel good to hear his name from her, call me Dhruv. She says Sir Dhruv. He says no, just Dhruv. She says Dhruv Sir. He says just Dhruv. The servant comes there and gives snacks. He leaves. Dhruv and Thapki smile.

Suman and Rachna think how did Vasundara bless Thapki. They see Vasundara and go to ask her. They ask how did she bless Thapki. Bau ji comes and says Vasundara is not able to hear well, she has ear pain and FB shows Vasundara having hearing problem, as some insect has bitten her, and doctor checks her and says she will not hear for few days, and asks Bau ji to put ear drops. Bau ji says it will take some more days. Suman and Rachna smile and say Vasundara did not hear Thapki.

Vasundara says no one should tell this to Dhruv. Suman says fine, and shouts to make her hear. Vasundara asks them to message on her phone. Bau ji says I have seen Thapki. Vasundara says I did not understand, I just understood she wanted blessings. Bau ji says poor girl, she is marrying guy like Dhruv and is still happy….She asks what. He says nothing. Dhruv gets a call and goes.

Thapki gets her anklet there and smiles. Dhruv sees her. He says actually, it fell when you fainted, I was going to return. She says its fine, this is my fav anklet. She shows the second one she carried in her bag. She sits to wear it. Dhruv makes her wear it. Mere bina mai…………………plays……………He says I will drop you home. She says she will leave. She goes and he smiles. Bihaan comes home and smiles seeing Thapki. He calls her ChukChuk Gaadi and scares her with the gun. She asks who is he and how is he in this house. He says he is the thief. She stammers and asks what. He says he will steal and go, till she calls everyone. She says I won’t let you do this. He stops her and aims gun at her. She asks what is this. He says B for Bihaan and B for Bandook. She gets tensed.

Thapki says that thief. Dhruv says he is my brother Bihaan. He tells Bihaan that he is marrying Thapki. Bihaan says he has to talk to Vasundara. Bau ji talks to Krishnakant.

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