Kumkum Bhagya 20th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dadi and Dasi talking about the party. Akash hears them and Dadi talks to him about surprise party for him. Akash says he will keep Abhi busy in work. Abhi is sleeping on his bed. Purab tries to wake him up and falls on him. Akash comes there too. Abhi thinks of Pragya and talks romantically. He wakes up hearing Purab’s name and asks why did you come here? Purab makes excuses. Abhi thinks they doesn’t remember my birthday and asks Akash to cancel his appointment with a producer. Purab insists him to meet producer. Abhi says okay, and goes to change clothes. Tanu wakes up hurriedly and thinks to make some plan to surprise Abhi on his birthday.

Mitali asks Purab to get Happy Birthday written on the cake. Purab sees Abhi coming and asks them to get on their work. Dasi pretends to massage Dadi’s feet. Abhi says he will call doctor. Dadi says she is fine. Abhi offers to massage her legs. Dadi says Dasi is massaging her to prove that she loves her. Abhi says you really scared me Dadi. Dadi asks him to go and meet her in the evening. Tanu comes calling Abhi. Dadi asks Dasi to do something and shows laddo. Dasi goes to Tanu and force feed laddo in Tanu’s mouth to stop her from wishing Abhi. Abhi asks about Pragya. They say she is not at home. Tanu thinks if she is planning something.

Abhi is busy in work. Akash thinks to inform at home that Abhi is busy and they can do the arrangements. Tanu tries to enquire about Pragya. Dasi says it is good that she is not here and asks her not to inform Pragya about surprise party. Tanu thinks to provoke Abhi against Pragya and thinks Pragya might went for her work. She thinks Abhi will bash up Pragya in the party for hurting Dadi’s sentiments. She calls Abhi and insists to meet him. Abhi tells her that he is busy and disconnects the call.

In the evening, Abhi calls home and calls Dadi, fuggi. He thinks why there is darkness at home today. He switches on the lights and flower petals falls on him. Everyone wishes him Happy Birthday. Dadi wishes him for his birthday. She tells we were planning since morning for this party. Abhi smiles and is happy. Dadi says you are my life’s biggest happiness, and everyone remembers your birthday. Purab says I came to wish you, but everyone got me involved in their plan. Abhi asks about Pragya. Dadi says she will see and goes. Tanu comes and wishes him happy birthday. She says Pragya is upto something to ruin your Dadi’s happiness. Abhi asks her not to spoil his good mood.

Taya ji calls we shall cut the cake and calls everyone. Dadi thanks the guests for attending the party and says she wants to share good news with them. She says her grand son is a rockstar and now going to be dad soon. Tanu gets shocked seeing Nikhil enters. Dadi asks the guests to give blessings to her grand son Abhi and his wife Pragya. Pragya enters just then and stops Dadi asking why you are announcing this. Dadi says what shall I not say? Pragya says that I am pregnant. Dadi says so what? Pragya says because I am not pregnant anymore and get my abortion done. Everyone is shocked. Dadi asks what are you saying? This thing shall not be said even as joke. Pragya shouts that she has got her child aborted and not pregnant, asking her to tell this to guests. Dadi faints hearing this. Abhi rushes to her and asks her to take long breathe. Dasi gives her water. Abhi ends the party and thanks the guests for coming. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand.

Abhi asks why did she do this? Pragya says what would I do then, to get congratulations from guests. She says Dadi will be hurt more when her dreams gets shattered. Abhi says you didn’t think about Dadi’s happiness. Pragya says we were waiting for Bulbul and Purab marriage to happen, to inform this. She says if Tanu or her parents tell something else to Dadi then what will happen. Dadi will get more hurt. Abhi asks why she has used this word abortion. Pragya says she used it intentionally as she wants Dadi to hate her and throw her out of the house.

Abhi tells Dadi and everyone that Pragya didn’t get her abortion as she was never pregnant. Everyone look on shockingly..

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