Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the naxals saying about their strong member Chandu. The pandit does a puja and asks Bhabho to get Sandhya’s pic. Bhabho says its not necessary. He says fine, call Sooraj. Mohit says I will get Ganga jal and goes. Meenakshi thinks Mohit made excuse and left, I had to go for delivery. Babasa says I will call Sooraj. Ved says I will call Papa and goes to him. The police officers talk to seniors and are on work of security. Chandu comes there and is allowed inside. Sandhya thinks she should be ready, as the naxals will try to reach her.

Chandu applies red color to his face and ties the red cloth to his forehead. Sandhya prays in the temple and cries. Kolkata police offers asks Sandhya is she Sagarika. She says yes. He says we have to question you. She asks what did I do. He says its regular interrogation. She says she has come to pray for her dad’s soul peace. He says fine, you complete the puja, I will wait. Chandu spots her.

Babasa says Sooraj did not come till now, I will call him. Ved brings Sooraj there. Sooraj sits in the puja and sees the things kept there. He says one thing is not here. Bhabho asks what is it, everything is here. He says Jalebis, Sandhya liked it a lot, what will I tell her that I did not keep her fav thing here. He tells pandit that he will bring Jalebis and goes. They all get up and see him going. Bhabho thinks if he opens the door, it will be a shock.

Sooraj opens the door and Mohit stops him. He says he will get Jalebis and asks Sooraj to sit in puja. Sandhya dances in the temple in Bengali style. Chandu plays the dhol and looks at her. He comes infront of her. She dances and few ladies surround her. The dhol breaks and Chandu throws some gas. He lifts Sandya and walks out in style, whereas the police is trying to protect Sagarika.

The pandit asks Sooraj to say his name and his wife’s name. Sooraj says Sandhya and does the puja. Bhabho stops Sooraj and asks pandit to leave with his Dakshina when the puja got completed. The pandit says as you wish, as ask her to break the pot after doing the Pariknama. He leaves. She signs Ved. Ved takes Sooraj along. Bhabho holds the pot and recalls Sandhya’s words. She does the Pariknama and Meenakshi asks her to walk clockwise. Bhabho says all memories and things related to Sandhya will be erased from this house. She says no one will take Sandhya’s name in this house from today and drops the pot. They all look shocked.

Zakir comes to them, and gives Sandhya’s bravery medal and certificate, as she died on duty. He says govt has given this special respect for her dedication and bravery, the police department salutes her, you all did not come in the honor giving function, so we personally came to handover this. Bhabho says I have done Sandhya’s Shraadh now, she is not related to our family now, we don’t have to do anything with her memories and things, and there is nothing for you in this house.

Mohit asks Emily to go to the room. Emily leaves. Pari looks on. Bhabho says IPS Sandhya was never ours, she was for the country. We don’t want this honor and throws the medal. Zakir is shocked. Bhabho says she has cheated me, my son and my grandson, she is not related to us, I freed her for the seven births. Zakir leaves. Sandhya is taken by the naxals. Bharat sees live feeds and says yes, the real mission Mahabali starts now. He gets glad. Ved picks the gold medal and recalls Sandhya. Ved cries.

Sandhya is tortured and the naxals asks how did Himanshu die, what does she know that police wants to know. They lower the bed into fire, by tying her on the bed. Chandu looks on.

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