Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 20th July 2015 Written Episode

Manik asks everyone to listen that to clothes do not define the class but the mind surely does. Most have expensive clothes but cheap minds. Nyonika seeing this angrily stares at Manik. Mr Gabba gets up and claps for Manik and says that this was exactly what he said and Nandhani likes to keep it simple which works fine for her and everyone starts claping .then rest of the fab 5 join Manik on the stage and they all also take a selfie with Mr Gabba before he leaves.
Nyonika while walking wonders what this Aryaman student is up to because on day he is with HArshad and the next day in the treasure hunt he Pairs up with Nandhani she then asks a peon to call Aryaman. Manik suddenly comes and asks Nyonika that what is she up to but at first she refuses then when Manik mentions Nandhani she says that she did not do anything MAnik says that he will make sure that she gets the punishment for what she did not from any one else but from his father Nyonika hearing this gets shocked and when she sees Aryaman coming she walks away and Aryaman and MAnik meet.
Manik says to Aryaman that they finally meet and asks Aryaman what he is up to and tells him to go away. Aryaman says that he will go away when he destroys Manik in the treasure hunt then Nandhani is all his on this Manik says Nandhani will always be his and he has tobe careful around her . Aryaman says that he cannot control her forever then Manik says that he does not have to control because he trusts her and if any jerk tries to harm then he will not be able to controlhimself and heeven he does not wan to. Aryaman says to Manik that he is a guitar player and he kows that he cannot pull all of the strings together and Manik says to Aryaman that he is a tabbala player whish is similar to a guitar and Manik pulls two sheets of glass and places them on Aryaman’s neck says that the results of the drum are exceptional Nandhani hurriedly comes and asks Manik to leave Aryaman .
Manik is playing a guitar and Nandhani is also playing an instrument and both are thinking that this cannot go on like this and so take off.
Cabir goes into the room with asking and Naviya is changing her clothes she quickly goes to the other side of the bed and yells at Cabir and then goes into the Washroom to change her clothes after she comes out she asks Cabir to get ready because they are going out for a dinner on the celebration of them getting a job then Cabir takes off his shirt and Naviya runs out of the room.
NAndhani calls NAviya and Cabir asks he o come inside after saying that he is properly dressered Naviya comes in and Mank calls Cabir saying to tell Nandhani that he is ill if she comes to his house.Cabir says this loudely and Naviya informs Nandhani who rushes to Manik’s house and hugs him and tells him that she is sorry.

Precap: Nadhani and Manik are hugging each other and Manik feels pain in his back and so Nandhani checks and removes finds the tracking device in his back which Aryaman installed.

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