Reporters 20th July 2015 Written Episode

Ananya sticks SADU/arrogant note on Kabeer’s cabin door and signals him, but he is busy in his work. she bangs door and leaves. He hears sound and sees SADU note with ananya walking. Ananya sits on her desk yelling. Kabeer sends an SMS asking her to stop being childish. She replies that he left her in the middle of road at midnight. He thinks he did a big mistake.

During board meeting, Kabeer asks suggestion for today’s news. Ananya suggests that she has a story where a girl’s boyfriend leaves her in the middle of road at midnight and does not care about her. Malvika says it is a childish story. Kabeer asks Ananya to either get boyfriend or girlfriend to cover the story and tells Malvika if she thinks reporters are immature, she can hire more professional reporters who is stopping her. Khalid interferes and says merger, he briefs about the merger and problems thereafter.

Ananya discusses with her friends that Malvika is behind video chip theft.. and continues yelling. Ronnie asks if she did not sort out differences with Kabeer yet. She leaves. Manav stops her and starts badmouthing about Kabeer. She says it is her mistake and asks why is he against Kabeer now. She confronts him a bit and leaves.

Manav walks into Malvika’s cabin and tells Ananya is doubting her for stealing her news clip. Malvika says she is trying to hide her incompetency by blaming her. He says even ananya is telling same. She says she will get her out of this office after merger. He says she can but not from Kabeer’s life and says they should plan kabeer out from this office. She says if he thinks to get editor in chief position, he is wrong, kabeer’s position is strong.

Richa asks Ronnie to go and explain Ananya to stop trusting Kabeer blindly and expect sorry from him as he is not that kind of guy and does not care about anyone. He asks if she wants him to tell this to Ananya. She says yes as he is her bestfriend. He agrees.

Sunny clashes purposefully with Baby and apologizes her. She asks where is he going. He says to sort Ananya’s problem and find her chip. She asks if he is sure Ananya is having only this problem. He asks then what. She asks if he knows about blind love and walks smiling. Sunny thinks she is in his love and jumps happily.

Ananya in cafeteria while sipping coffee tells Ronnie that she wants Kabeer to apologize her in front of everyone. He asks if Kabeer will do that. she says let him know how tough girlfriend she is and says he must be happy as he escaped. Ronnie says he is. She asks him to drop her home today. He asks now or after finishing coffee, then says after finishing coffee.

Kabeer nervously waits for Ananya. Tarini comes there with Anurag. He gets happy and asks what will they have. Anurag says cold drinks for him and for didi coffee. Kabeer orders peon to bring coffee and cold drinks and asks where is Ananya. Peon says he does not know. Kabeer smses ananya restlessly, but with no reply. Anurag insists to meet Ananya.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: No precap today.

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