Swaragini 20th July 2015 Written Episode

Durga Prasad praises Swara infront of Shekhar and tells that even though Swara has modern thinking, but she will not do anything which will ruin our family’s respect. Swara is seen leaving the house wearing blanket, to get her phone from repair shop. She wonders what to do and gets the big smoke pot in her hand for a safe exit. Annapurna thinks who did keep it here and takes the pot. Evil Ragini wears Swara’s bridal dress and looks in the mirror.

Sumi asks Parineeta about the room in which Swara is getting ready and goes to see her. Swara takes her phone from the repair shop and is checking for the video when Sanskar snatches her phone from her hand. She asks him to go. Psycho Ragini writes L with mehendi on her hand, and adorns Laksh’s photo saying this room should be ours. She asks Laksh not to worry and says this will be our room only. She acts as possessive and mad and talks to herself. She calls Laksh and informs him that she tried to call him many times. She says she couldn’t stop Swara. Laksh asks what did Swara do? Sumi asks her to open the door. Ragini tells him that Sumi is knocking on the door. She tells that she is getting scared and asks what to do. Laksh says he will go and see where is Swara. He collides with Annapurna and says sorry. Annapurna asks what happened? Laksh says nothing, he is happy. Evil Ragini looks at ‘L’ written on her hand and smiles. She rests on the bed madly and smirks. Sumi asks her to open the door and gets worried.

Swara follows the guy (Sanskar) asking him to stop. He is shown wearing mask and turns to Swara. She asks who are you? Why you are doing this? What did I do to you? What you will get to ruin my marriage. He checks the recording and deletes it. Swara asks why you are doing this? She says I love Laksh very much, and you might not love anyone. She calls him a coward and asks why he is attacking her from back. He drops her phone on the ground and escapes. Swara cries. Sanskar is seen behind her and thinks of Swara’s words. He recalls his lady love and her death.

Sumi tells that she will call Shekhar. Ragini opens the door and turns her face. Sumi asks what is this joke? Ragini turns. Sumi gets shocked seeing Ragini and asks what is all this? She closes the door and says if you are not happy with this marriage. She says you will not get happiness this way. Ragini apologizes. Sumi apologizes to her and says they will cancel the wedding. Ragini tells her that she didn’t do this for her. She calls Laksh and asks him to come to room. Sumi asks where is Swara? Evil Ragini asks her to wait till Laksh’s comes. Laksh comes and knocks on the door. Ragini opens it. Laksh is shocked to see Ragini in Swara’s bridal dress. Ragini acts as helpless to wear the dress.

Precap: Swara tells everything to Sumi. Sumi sits in shock. Later Ragini gave drugged laddos to Swara. Swara eats it and dances unconsciously. Everyone is shocked.

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