Manmarziyan 20th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Saral saying Radhika that he is helping her family, she can tell him to refuse for marriage, and he will call his dad to withdraw their help. He says Ankush can’t survive. Mala hears this and gets angry. He asks Radhika can he call his dad. Radhika cries and says no Saral, I m very happy with this marriage. Saral says great, and calls a taxi. He takes Radhika and says temple name. Mala looks on angrily. Manya applies haldi to Sam. Sam kisses her forehead and smiles. Arjun looks at Nandini. Mala comes there and asks for Sam. Arjun tells Sam that he will be back and goes. Zubin asks about Radhika. Mala says I want to meet Sam.

Arjun stops Mala and sees her crying. Saral and Radhika come to the temple. Mala requests Arjun to save Radhika, Saral has taken her to temple, please hurry up, come, it will be very late. Arjun is shocked. Arjun and Mala are on the way, and Saral and Radhika’s marriage rituals begin. Nandini does not find Arjun and gets worried.

Mala asks Arjun to drive faster. Radhika looks at Saral and sits upset. The pandit says do the ghatbandhan, its time to take the wedding rounds. Saral himself does the ghatbandhan, while Radhika cries. Arjun comes there and holds Saral’s hand and the ghatbandhan.

He says this marriage won’t happen. Saral fumes. Arjun asks Radhika to get up. Saral says don’t dare to ask her to get up, Radhika will marry now. Arjun asks her to get up. Radhika asks Arjun to go. Arjun says I will go along you. Saral gets up and shouts Arjun… Arjun signs him to stop. He asks her to get up. Saral says Radhika won’t go anywhere, I will marry her right now. Radhika requests Arjun to go.

Arjun holds her hand and makes her get up. Saral asks how dare he force Radhika, leave her hand. Arjun asks Radhika is she marrying by her wish, is there no pressure on her. Saral says she is marrying by her wish, leave her hand. Arjun pushes Saral and asks her for the final time. Radhika says this is my and Saral’s personal matter, you just go, why don’t you understand, leave my hand, I have to marry. Arjun leaves her hand.

Mala looks on and asks you want to marry or you are made to marry, when did you grow up to take burden on yourself, your parents are not so weak to put you in fire. Saral says mummy ji… Mala says quiet, I took this right from you, you think yiu can misbehave if we are girl’s family, Radhika is my strength, not a burden. She says I will stop this marriage. She says she understands everything, Radhika is doing this for Dada ji and Ankush, you did not trust your parents, your Arjun Sir did all the arrangements in Rishikesh. Saral says but mummy ji… Arjun says she said she has taken this right from you. Saral gets angry and signs three of them that he will ruin all of them. He leaves,

Mala says Arjun helped us, else Radhika would have married Saral. Radhika looks at Arjun. Dastaan……..plays…………. Neil applies haldi to Sam. Teri meri dosti……………plays……… Manya stares at Neil. Nandini gets MMS of Dilip’s shop burning and smiles. He calls Rana and says good job, Saral should now know who fired it. Rana says no one would know it, and asks about Radhika and Saral’s marriage. She says it would have been done, and Arjun should not know about this. He says fine. She smiles.

She says where is this Arjun, fool….. Arjun is in temple and recalls Radhika. Radhika recalls how Arjun saved her all the time and comes to him. She says I have seen Lord in the idol, and today I have seen Lord’s face in you. Arjun is shocked. Radhika says I belief in Lord, and you. Dastaan…………plays………… She touches his feet and he holds to stop him. He says I m not Lord Radhika, its foolish to regard anyone as Lord. She says but you are like Lord to me, you have goodness which I see always, what you did for me… He says anyone would have done this. She says fine, and keeps his hand on her head, asking him to tell her, why did he do this if he is not a good man. He looks at her.

Radhika comes in Sam’s haldi. Sam asks why did she dress up like bride. Radhika hugs her and cries. Saral comes there and looks on.

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