Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 21st July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Ayush says mammi ji mamma ji are going to wedding, we have to go with them. We are all together, we all trust each other. Please how would it look if we dont go there. Uppal says bhushan ayush us right and ajay is our brother. Bhushan says yes brother i hope he thought like you as well. You know i think you are all going but i wont go anyway. Amar says for mama ji mami ji.

Shreya says to herself, sanjana is blackmailing me and i have nothing against her. they will all go to wedding, except bhushan and mummy papa will get him wrong. Bhushan comes in and says they have all forgotten what ajay and sanjana have done, now they will celebrate at their place. I wont go no matter what. Shreya says you should go bhushan. He say don’t you know why i dont wanna go? They have insulted my parents. Shreya says Mummy papa have forgive ajay and sanjana. If we go against them they wont like it. I have decided to go to the wedding, because i respect every decision they take. you should think twice as well. I have got your clothes ready.

Agarwal says your family is always together where is your son bhushan today? does he plan on missing the wedding? Bhushan comes in and says how is that possible. A brother can’t miss another brother’s wedding. Ajay is locked in the room, he says just 10 more minutes.
Sanjana gets ready, her sister comes in and says what is all this? why can’t you tell the truth? sanjana says when i and ajju went to court he was not 21. I was scared that he will kill Ajju, Ajay signed those papers to save me. Can’t I help him with his? Her sister says so you will marry him? Sanjana says yes I am not left with another choice. I and ajju would marry after 6 months, Ajay would divorce me. Papa came home and told everyone about our wedding, then we had to pretend to be a couple. Then papa came and invited all for wedding. Ajay was always with me in all this. I can’t hurt him anymore. Some girls come in and say guests are waiting for you. Sanjana’s sister goes downstairs. Sanjana says to the girls i will be downstairs in 10 minutes. They all go.

Ajay is getting ready. sanjan knocks at his door. He says i can’t wear this. She says okay then come out like this. Ajay says okay close your eyes. She says obviously i don’t wanna see you this way either. Sanjana comes in and laughs. He says do you know how to bind this dhoti? She says i made my little cousins wear it. Divide it in 2 parts and now bind it. he follows. He says i didn’t think while doing this court marriage. Ajay says I can’t do this. Sanjana says where is your phone? She shows him a video. He asks did you talk to ajju? She says i am not thinking about it. We can’t help it. Anyway hurry up. sanjana says let me bind this, he says i will do this.

Precap-Sanjana says even if I am not the real daughter in law of this house they need me. I wont leave this Ajay and his family alone. She sees Shreya standing on the door.

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