Sasuraal Simar Ka 21st July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Mohini cuts a piece of cloth from simar’s dress, she says now you will see me accomplishing my mission. She starts reading a mantra. Rest of the family is busy with the wedding. Roli says in heart why no shoe concealing ritual? I need to ask someone for help. but sid will be on jeju’s side. She looks at jhanvi and says no she will be on jeju’s side as well. She says Mohini yes she. But where is she? She looks at Mohini standing in the window. Roli says is she talking to herself? Roli goes to mohin and says what are you doing here in corner? Mohini says nothing i was not feeling well.

Pandit ji asks simar and prem to stand for the round. Sid comes and stands by roli and showers flowers on her. Mohini reads her mantra. After a while simar trips, Prem holds her and says are you okay? simar says yes i am fine. Pandit says now second round. Prem and Simar take the second round. Simar faints prem hold her. Roli says didi what happened? simar says i don’t feel well. Sunanda says in heart the black magic is working. Prem says i think she need some rest. Simar says no I will complete the rounds no matter what. Simar feels weak. Prem holds her hand and they walk again. Mohini says in heart how she stood on her feet?
Suddenly simar falls on the floor and faints.

Inspector says to thakurain your reality is exposed. Thankurain says i went there to save bharadwaj’s. Those two women are so clever, they know black magic, they killed my husband too. Please take me to them save them from that mom and daughter. Mohini says to simar dont worry i will help you in completing the rounds, i will walk with you. Pandit says no one can walk with the bride and the groom in the rounds. She binds her dupatta with simar’s cloth. Mata ji says God will give you strength simar. Sunanda says in heart mohini will do it anyway. Prem makes simar stand up. Roli sees the cloth tied to simar’s dupatta. Roli says didi wait a minute. Roli says there is something stuck in the knot. She takes it out. Prem and simar continue with the rounds. Simar can’t stand on her feet, prem picks her up in his arms. Sid says thats best. Mohini is furious. Mohini says this isn’t right my attack doesn’t go in vain. Sunanda says to mohini we don’t obey God’s rules, but they do. They were all praying. They are blessed with God and we cant fight that. This loss is the warning of my end. We should go. mohini says we are not going anywhere. Because of this simar my pooja was left incomplete she created a lot of problems in my life. I will ruin prem and simar’s life with bharadwaj house. The game has just started.

Precap-Mohini says God protects simar? Now i will make simar do something that God will leave them all.


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