Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Romi and Sarika having a talk. He says how can Rinki talk like this. She says how can Raman talk like this to dad, is this all Raman’s. He asks what is she saying. She shares her worry and says if Raman makes them leave, where will they go, its tough to stay alone. Romi asks her not to worry, as this is Raman’s office, and their home was burnt, its on dad’s name, Raman is like father to him, don’t worry. Sarika says it all belongs to Raman, he has given company to Ishita, I m afraid. Mihir scolds Rinki and Rinki argues madly.

She says she is materialistic, and he does not care for his wife. He asks does she know meaning of a wife, what did she do for him, she just knows to show off to her friends, that you are CEO’s wife, be a wife like Ishita, she has united everyone, we are together because of her. She says fine, she is right and I m wrong. Ashok comes there and Mihir asks what is he doing here. Ashok says he came to give him offer, his company is launching a project and he wants Mihir to head it. Mihir says thanks, but if I come on road, I will never work for you.

Ashok fuels in the fire and asks how long will be under Raman, he has to move on. Mihir leaves. Ashok asks Rinki to explain Mihir and asks her to think practical, I m sure you also want money and lavish style, I heard Raman named his business to Ishita, Ishita is so smart to break Raman from everyone, I want Mihir to go ahead, here is my card, hold it, give me a call. He leaves.

Simmi and Ishita have a talk. Simmi asks how can Raman talk to dad like this, and cries. She asks Ishita to convince Raman to apologizes to dad. Ishita says he knows what he did, he will do what he finds right. Ashok and Suraj have a talk. Ashok says Rinki will come to us, her ego is hurt, she will support us. The NGO lady asks Shagun to think about the people and head the project. She asks Shagun to think.

Mr. Bhalla brings vegs and kirana and asks Neelu to make. Neelu says its less. Ishita says we will make it. He says he has got this for his family, with his family, and asks others to make their food and eat. Raman talks to Manish about the flat and gives the cheque. Mr. Bhalla comes and throws it, saying its his house and he will spend the money. He argues and Raman goes. Simmi talks to her dad and he says he is sad that Raman is not being his support. She cries.

Raman talks to Ishita and argues in anger. He says he will not help dad, if he does not need my help, I will see how long will he manage, let him manage. She worries. Rinki meets Ashok and says she has come just for Mihir. Raman and Amma meet in the same hotel. Rinki gets tensed seeing her and sits. Appa asks Raman why did he call him here. Raman talks to him. Ashok asks Rinki why did she think about his proposal. She thinks to do something, and goes. Ashok tells Suraj that Rinki has left. Suraj asks her to convince him. Ashok says I tried hard, you know them.

Rinki comes to him. She asks will he make Mihir his partner. Ashok agrees and fools her. He says he will give good deal and asks her to send Mihir to meet his company representative. She says fine, I will leave, if Raman sees me, it will be problem.

Ishita calls Raman and says they will welcome Romi’s baby, this is good way to tell dad that it was all a misunderstanding between us. He smiles.

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