Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 21st July 2015 Written Episode

Nandhani is hugging and after a while he asks what the problem is and why is she hugging him then Nandhani says that she is tired and will remain like this. Manik pulls her closer and she asks if Nyonika is home and what is she sees them together like this so Manik tells her to not be afraid of Nyonika as she is not at home and then Manik helps her upstairs.
Harshad texts Mukti and after reading the text she says that it is not possible that he would avoid her and he sure is up to something.
Aryaman comes to harshad and Harshad asks him what work came and it has to be important because he had to cancel his problems and when Aryaman asks what kind of plans are these he says that he has to break the fab 5 then Aryaman says that he only wants to break the relationship between Nandhani and Manik and what kind of love story do they have. Harshad then says that Nandhani is Manik’s third girlfriend at first it was Aaliya then Sohas and now her on this Aryaman tries to walk saying that he has to find the Lovestory between Manik and Sohas.
Manik puts Nandhani on a sofa and asks if she has to say anthing and when she says that she doesnot then he says that they should play Xbox Nandhani then says that she doesnot know how to play Xbox. Then Manik says that if he aked her to remain away from Aryaman would she listen to him and that he is Harshad’s friend then Nandhani says that she is also his friend. Manik aks when did this happen then she says that when he was ill she became friends with him. Manik says that he knows that she is hiding something and he will not ask her until she is ready to tell him. Nandhani givesManik a compliment and he after hearing it says to Nandhani doe he not deserve a reward and when she asks what reward he turns her sofa and then Nandhani opens it up and all these little beats fall out of it and then it deflates. Then Nandhani says that he would have to do something for her and Manik asks her to close her eyes.
Dhruv is standing in the all and after he gets the signal he picks up the mike and ask the people to listen to him and says that he only wants them to listen to him.
MUkti is following Harshad and then she sees Naviya calling Cabir to hurry because she is hungry and Mukti thinks what she is doing here.
Dhruv is singing a song but the audience does not appreciate him and then he dances and cheers them up and everyone is happy and even the Manger appreciates him.
Naviya complains to Cabir that he brought her to a place where the sound of music is very louad and so Cabir asks her to calm down.
Manik ties the hands of Nandhani and ask her to trust him and closes her eyes and tries to relax her then he puts the entire filling of the Sofa on Nandhani and Haves a lot of fun.
Aryaman comes and asks for Nyonika but the worker says that he is gone for a business trip and then he asks to call Manik but is refused and so he plays a game and goes inside and places a letter on the table and tracks Manik but sees Nandhani yelling and Manik running so he quickly hides.
NAndhani goes into the garden following Manik asking him to open his hands but he refuses.

Precap: Nandhani and Manik are making out in the room.

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